Top 5 Islands in Seychelles you cannot miss out on exploring!

by Emma

Picturesque attractions, pristine natural islands, amusing wildlife and whatnot, Seychelles is a destination that truly offers you one heck of an experience. You can expect the best and high-quality traveling experience in the country which already sounds very luring. However, if you ask us about the country’s best highlight then without any doubt, it’s the islands that literally steal the show and have made the country worldwide popular. Comprising of more than 100 islands in total, these islands together make up for the archipelago of the country. With many of the islands still remaining completely uninhabited, there are still plenty of islands for travelers to explore. Each island is unique and beautiful in its own way; however, it seems an impossible task to explore each and every island in Seychelles especially when you’re there just for a few days. And to ensure that you have the best time in the country, make sure to go through the article where we have narrowed down the top 5 islands you can visit when in Seychelles. Each one of them is truly a must-see!

Mahe Island

Boasting of lush forest and beautiful mountain ranges of Seychelles, Mahe Island is truly one of the best and most popular islands in the country. Comprising of over 65 beaches in total, the island sees an array of unique flora and fauna which sets this place apart from others. It also houses a vast variety of luxuriant hotels and resorts which is just the perfect way to experience the luxurious side of the country. Apart from that, the island is also home to the city of Victoria which is the capital of Seychelles. The city is filled with bustling markets and gorgeous gardens. The island features various tourist attractions in and around the city that are worth visiting.

Praslin Island

Praslin Island has a very laidback vibe to it and as compared to Mahe Island, this place is very scarce and less populated. However, it’s a perfect place to visit for various reasons. Vallée de Mai is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Seychelles that is mostly known for its tropical rainforest and the world’s biggest nut- the coco de met which grows here in abundance. The island is also famous for the world’s most beautiful beaches including Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. You can also get to spot black parrots which are rare species and can be found here on the island or the Praslin national park.

La Digue island

If you want to witness a more authentic and beautiful island experience, then la Digue Island should be next on your list as it offers you one of the best and relaxing time of your life. To all the people who are looking for a perfect getaway location where they can just unwind and get away from all kind of stress, then this is the place that will put you to ease and makes you feel relaxed. The granite boulders covering the beaches are the main highlight of this island. As for accommodation, the island offers the most authentic experience by providing you with island-style housing and traditional modes of transport such as ox-cart and bicycle.

Cousine Island

If you want to experience the unique and fascinating wildlife of Seychelles then you should definitely consider visiting this island. It is a secluded island which is a nesting ground for various exotic species such as hawksbill turtle, wedge-tailed sheerwater, endangered magpie robins, tortoises, turtles and many Seychellois birds like terns. On this island, you can expect good privacy and delicious seafood.

Bird Island

This Island is again best visited to discover wildlife and also for stunning photo-worthy locations. You can enjoy bird watching here as the island houses a million of migratory birds that are mostly found here during the months between May to November. A small resort with 24 bungalows is situated right in the midst of the island surrounded by nature and turquoise waters. From sooty and crested terns to giant land tortoise and cardinals, the island sees quite a variety of species which makes the whole experience even better.

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