Top dishes to have in Kuala Lumpur

by Lucas

Kuala Lumpur is a stunning city to stay in when you are in the wonderful country of Malaysia. The city is full of culture and fun. You will not be bored when you are in the city. You can get to view so many skyscrapers in the city and so many places that would provide you with the history of the city, cultural centers, beautiful parks and so much more. After visiting all these places you need to try all the famous dishes here. As you know no trip is complete without having authentic food from the city. There is always a dish that you have to try to get to know the culture and people. The list here tells you about the different dishes you must give try in Kuala Lumpur.
1: Cendol

This is a vibrant and flavourful sweet dish that you can have anywhere in the city. The dish comprises gummy worms that are made with a mixture of mung bean flour and pandan leaf syrup which also provides these worms with a vibrant green hue. This dish is served with shaved ice, syrup, and coconut milk. Not only these, but you also get some toppings over such as fruits and beans which usually depends upon the cafe or the stall you are having it at.
2: Masak Lemak

This flavorful dish can be converted into a hearty meal by having it with rice and some fiber. This dish is made with chicken and other meat. The main ingredients that make the dish so delicious have to be the sauce which is made up of milk and coconut cream alsong with the spices such as chili, ginger, garlic, and others to add flavor and aroma to the sauce. Chicken is added into this creamy sauce and then served along with rice to complete the meal. You can also add some lime or lemon to have a citrusy taste to it.
3: Satay

Kebabs are popular all over the world. Satay is kebabs that are available in so many options. You can get beef, chicken, and even rabbit or tripe. These meat pieces are marinated in the sauce and then placed on a skewer. They get a nice roasted flavor after being cooked over charcoal. You can get it along with some onions and rice cakes but you can also have them as they are along with the famous peanut sauce. They are great street food to have when exploring the place on foot.
4: Banana leaf rice

If you are looking for a wholesome meal where you can have different kinds of flavorful dishes then you have to try this. Banana leaf rice is a dish that you can get at a lot of restaurants This dish is presented on a banana leaf providing a rich aroma to the rice and the curry and other vegetables are then served on the leaf itself. You can get Currys, vegetables, beans, cucumber, soup, and other things served along with this rice.
5: Wan tan mee

This dish consists of dumplings and noodles in favor of soup. The dumplings are filled with pork usually. You can get an egg and some vegetables in this soup. This is a filling dish and you can find these in Chinese stalls and shops. There are options as to how you would like to have these dumplings. You can get yourself a platter of dumplings alone with a sauce or can have them like the one mentioned, with the soup. Add soy sauce to add saltiness to the soup.

These are some of the dishes that you should try when you are in Kuala Lumpur. You have to try them when you are in the city and enjoy your trip here. Food completes the trip and thus it is important to try the food that will provide you with memories and amazing flavors. These dishes are flavorful. You can ask locals about the dishes and other local specialties that you can try to make the trip more amazing. You can thus add more experience and memories to your trip by getting to know about the hidden gems in the city from the locals.

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