Tour through these incredible Sites in Zimbabwe

by Zoe

If you are planning to go to Zimbabwe, be ready to explore some of the most gorgeous sites and exotic wildlife there. Most of Zimbabwe’s top attractions are found outside the main cities and thus, there is a lot of distance to explore and travel. Breathtaking landscape views, unseen wildlife, the Big Five and fascinating history and culture define Zimbabwe at its best. Expect a lot of surprises and happy vibes there! Have a look at the topmost places and set on this journey-


Victoria Falls

One of the most gorgeous and gigantic waterfalls in the world, Victoria falls from a height of 354 meters in all its glory. It has its home in southern Africa on the Zambezi River and lies midway between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Going to Zimbabwe and not having a look at this site is nearly impossible. Zimbabwe is famed for this beauty and why not! It is the largest sheet of falling water on the planet and offers the most panoramic views if you look at it from a distance. For all those nature lovers, this one is the most delightful site you will ever look at. The best time to visit is in July and August when the weather is pleasant, thus adding to this gorgeous spectacle.


Hwange National Park

Located to the south of Victoria Falls is this gorgeous Hwange National park. It is one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Zimbabwe and is definitely worth your visit. Home to so many animals nurturing themselves in the natural environment and some incredible safaris, this national park is a long stretch of about 14,650 square kilometers. It is home to the famous Big Five namely the African lion, African leopard, African elephant, the Cape buffalo, and the rhino. They are all spotted in their natural habitat in this gorgeous national park and you can have a tour of this one all day. One major feature of this national park is that it boasts a huge variety of elephants and that too in huge numbers. You can book a tour for this one and even stay here for a night for the ultimate feels. Go for a fancy accommodation or camping- whatever you like!


Lake Kariba

Another beauty in Zimbabwe! Lying to the northeast of Victoria Falls, this is the world’s largest man-made lake if you measure in terms of volume. It has everything you are looking for. With such breathtaking views and scenic landscapes, Lake Kariba is definitely worth visiting. This lake is straddled over an area of 220 kilometers with all the possible beautification in the world. If you visit this place, you are bound to remember this one for the rest of your life. It offers such peaceful and romantic vibes. You can explore this lake on a houseboat and have the ultimate feel of this place. The air is pleasant, the atmosphere is gothic and that’s why you are definitely going to indulge in its vibe.


Mana Pools National Park

As the name suggests, Mana Pools is basically a collection of four pools, thus forming this incredible national park. Mana Pools National park is the most flawless spot in Zimbabwe. This site is not just another regular sightseeing attraction of this place. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and gorgeous views along with a high concentration of wildlife. All those nature lovers who love to indulge and explore the wildlife collection in a country will be super delighted to visit this one. It is by far a prime spot for wildlife as well as bird sanctuaries. Mana Pools national park is famed a lot for its water-based wildlife and is home to a large population of crocodiles as well as hippos. Along with wildlife, it also offers jungle safaris and camping options for the adventurer in you.



The second-largest city in Zimbabwe, this one is definitely a must-visit if you are looking for local culture and traditions. Bulawayo has always been a hub of some really beautiful sites along with culture and tradition in full view. If you are here, you will feel a gothic vibe of the bygone days as late as the 60s. With cobbled streets stretching to a long-distance along with colonial architecture, this town is everything you are looking for. You can explore the streets all by yourself and have a great time knowing the history and culture of this place. It offers a lot of sightseeing places like museums and parks that are open to the public. One of the major features here is that the entire town is lined up with flower-colored boulevard which is itself a gorgeous attraction.

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