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TourRadar is an online marketplace that allows travelers to browse, compare and book group tours in various countries and locations around the world.

Vienna-based company TourRadar currently lists tours from a variety of companies in 222 countries (basically every country in the world!). All of the tours can be booked directly through the site without any unnecessary fee. The site has no booking fees, an online booking system, trustworthy reviews of locations and the ability to meet fellow travelers prior to departure.Finding a great deal for a group tour is as simple as answering the question you’re greeted with when arriving at TourRadar: “Where do you want to go?” All you’re required to do is type in a location and a relative time frame, and TourRadar returns a huge list of results. A search for “Brazil” in June 2014 (just in time for the World Cup), for instance, returned nearly 300 results. These results can be filtered by duration, budget, type of tour, tour operator, price and a variety of other factors.

The trips hosted on TourRadar are unique because they have set travel itineraries and they take place with a large group of likeminded travelers. The companies that work with TourRadar offer great group rates, resulting in a fantastic way to travel at a lower cost and with much more ease. One of the best aspects of TourRadar is that the site links travelers with each other, so that travelers embarking on tours together can communicate prior to departure. According to the site, 27,053 travelers from 129 countries have already met each other through the service, and many of those travelers are planning a new tour together. This service (including an Android and iPhone App) makes the process of getting to know each other much easier, so that travelers can truly focus on having fun when they arrive at their destination and the tour begins.

Offers & Destination
TourRadar offers tours in many locations, but its most popular destinations are Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. It’s most popular tours in those destinations include a “Sail Italy” tour, which travels from Amalfi to Procida.The tour, which starts at $670, lasts 4 days and offers stunning views of Italy’s beautiful Amalfi coast. The tour is operated by Intrepid Tours, and there are a variety of departure dates to choose from. Another popular tour on the site is the Trail of Columbus, which starts in Lisbon, Portugal and ends in Barcelona, Spain. The trip, organized by Topdeck Tours, starts at $1,197 and lasts for 10 days. The tour offers unparalleled travel through Portugal and Spain at a relatively cheap cost. For those thinking about a fun, unique travel experience, TourRadar is definitely worth using as your booking agent. The site has no booking fees, an online booking system, trustworthy reviews of locations and the ability to meet fellow travelers prior to departure. It also offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you truly wont find a better deal elsewhere online.


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