Travel tips to survive long hour flights

by Lucas

Long hour flights! What are they to you? Your worst nightmare or something you love. Whatever it may be, you have to go through them to reach your respective destinations.
In case, your flight is of 23 hours, it means for the next 23 hours you will be in the same environment from which you won’t have any espace.
So there are some things you should have in your mind while preparing for a long hour flight and to survive it peacefully. Continue reading to get some ideas to make your flight more bearable-


1. Reserve a good seat

As you are going to be on a single-seat throughout your journey, so the most essential thing you should keep on your mind is to book a seat that will be comfortable for you. Make sure to book as early as possible as it will be easier to score your favorite seat. Here are some tips you could follow while choosing your seat-
If you want to have a good sleep, book a window seat so that your seatmates can not disturb you if they want to go to the loo.
Opt for the exit rows if you want more leg space.
Avoid sitting at the front part of the plane if you are the one who gets easily irritated by children’s noise as this is often where you will find special provisions for children on international flights.
And if you think, you will be awake then choose an aisle seat so that it will be easy for you to use the loo and move around.


2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

As you are going to be in the same clothes for a long number of hours and temperatures may vary in a flight, make sure that you wear clothes in different layers to adjust according to it. It is better to be cautious than to suffer afterward. Avoid wearing any kind of jewelry as it will only give your trouble during the security checks. Don’t wear snuggly shoes as sometimes feet tend to swell up at high altitudes. Put on some pair of cozy socks.


3. Be ready for a good sleep

Sleep is one such thing that is going to help you pass the maximum of your time during the flight. There are some essentials you need to carry along to create an ideal sleeping environment on a long flight.
A Lightweight Blanket- Though many flights provide it, but carry one along to be safe side if in case they do not.
A Good Travel Pillow- To avoid neckache
A fluffy, comfortable Eye mask- To block all the light
A pair of Ear Plugs- Don’t worry if you forget them, the flight attendant always has an extra one.
Noise-cancellation headphones- If earplugs are not enough to block the noise.
Sleeping Pills- In case of emergency
Some basic toiletries


4. Don’t pack too much

It is advisable not to carry a big suitcase as your cabin luggage. It will become difficult for you to stuff into the overhead lockers. Keep things travel-sized and minimal. One cabin bag and one shoulder bag or a backpack would be enough to keep all of your essential stuff like a water bottle, earplugs, socks, MP3 player, etc.


5. Bring snacks/water

You should always carry some sort of snacks and water during long flights as you may be traveling through different time zones. It is not necessary that you will get meals suited according to your own time. So to avoid those hunger pangs and constantly looking out for the food trolley to come, carry some slow-energy release snacks like cereal bars, nuts or dried fruit.

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