Travelling Solo? Here Is Your Ultimate Guide!

by Lucas

When you travel alone, you travel on your own terms. It can be pretty daunting but fascinating at the same time. When you’re away from home all alone, you encounter adventure and eternal happiness. There are so many thoughts going on in your mind like what if you get stranded somewhere or how would it feel to eat alone in a restaurant. But despite all this, traveling solo is awesome. It’s tough and tiring but also a brilliant opportunity to go off by you and explore different parts of the world. More importantly, you discover your true self. Every person should at least once in a lifetime go on a solo trip to a place where nobody knows them. If you can rely on others when traveling in a group, then how can you not rely on yourself when traveling alone? Strange but true!

Just gather yourself and get on the ride to an unforgettable experience. Here is the ultimate guide on how to pick your room, where to eat, how to talk to strangers and most importantly, how to have fun-


Love yourself first and then others. If you’ve made a decision to travel alone, then just deal with it and rock & roll! You will learn to love your company and explore your strengths and weaknesses. It’s always fun to have thoughts and a fun Q/A session going on in your mind about everything around. It helps to have an insight into your life. Just accept the fact that you have to take care of yourself. If you are very social, then you can always make new friends from different parts of the world wherever you go. Visit the locals and talk to them about their origin. Sit in a bar and chat with other travelers. This will take you a long way.


A home stay is where you spend the nights at a local’s place and it is the most adventurous thing to do. It saves you from vulnerability and gives you a chance to know about their culture. If passion for traveling is your thing, you should definitely try this. Even the locals love it! Then, of course, are the room rentals which are available at a reasonable rate according to your preference. You can also opt for luxury rooms if you want to enjoy the holiday lavishly. There are comfortable hostels ready-made for solo travelers too but then you’ll end up spending more time with the tourists rather than locals.


It’s always advisable to start your day early on any trip you go to. So when it’s a solo trip, this cannot be ignored. It is very important to give your day an early head start and recast your day. Wake up early and plan the day properly. Enjoy your breakfast at a good place with a view, and then head out with your backpack to explore the city. There are so many places which you don’t want to miss sleeping. If you’re one of those travelers who are afraid of bar-hopping alone in the dark hours, then you should definitely get up early and plan the day as we suggested. You’re out to have fun & not sleep.


The most difficult thing to do on any trip is communication if you’re traveling to a place with a completely different dialect. You need to communicate about everything-from bookings to looking out for sightseeing spots. So make an effort to spare time before going to the trip and learning a few everyday words and phrases of that place. Learn how to introduce yourself, order food, asking for directions and everything basic. It also impresses the locals that you’re doing your best to interact and they get ready to help you immediately!


With Smartphone in your hand and free Wi-Fi everywhere, you know it all already. It’s easier than ever to take pictures of every place you visit. You can instantly share the pictures on social media and update your friends and family in no time. You must carry a selfie-stick with you to click a full panorama view in the backdrop. After the entire trip is about you and how you explored every bit of the place. Relish every moment and capture it in your camera for memories of a lifetime.

If you were dreading over your next solo trip, these tips will definitely boost your confidence and this trip could be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have!

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