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Travelstart is Africa’s leading online travel agency that offers flights, bookings, packages and reservations.

While Travelstart does make booking travel a breeze, just be aware you’re paying for the convenience.

“We have a simple goal – to provide the simplest way to find and book the best travel deals,” says in their  About Section, and for the most part that’s exactly what they do.

What’s the Catch?
There is a catch however – they charge a commission, and you’ll only find out about it if you read the small print. Being your own travel agent has slightly less appeal when you’re still paying the fees. On the bright side, the fees are incorporated into the price you’re quoted – so there are no unexpected surprises.

Why did it started?
Travelstart began as a way of comparing flights across providers in South Africa and has since expanded to allow you to compare and book hotel accommodation, car rentals and complete holiday packages as well. You begin by filling in what you’re looking for, and then you’re given a list of results from across carriers or providers that you can compare.


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