Unique Places Across The Globe to Add to Your Travel List

by Zoe

Traveling makes you visit new places and learn new things. It helps in making a stunning experience. There are so many weird and unique places across the world that you can visit and have a great time. You get to learn about new things, see new things, and so much more. There are so many places in the world that are wonderful and unique and should be on your list for future trips. These places have great landscapes and are extremely photogenic, making them an alluring place for photographers. We present you with these places that you can add to your list and make your plans. These places are stunning and you would want to visit them after reading about them.

Unique Locations to Add to Your Travel Wish List

1: Spotted lake, Canada

Spotted lake, Canada The spotted lake is in the western part of Canada, in British Columbia. This is on the tribal land and thus you cannot trespass it but can view it from the highway. What makes this lake so unique is the fact that in summer the water evaporates and makes small pools of minerals that have a unique color to them. This is a new experience and you can see them and photograph them from a distance. Learn more about this stunning lake.

2: Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier, Australia Have you ever seen a pink lake? A lake where the water is pink in color. A rich salmon pink shade that contrasts with the green of the forests nearby and also the blue of the sea near it. Lake Hillier is pink all around the year and is due to the algae and bacteria present in the lake. You can visit this place by cruise or see the eagle eye view by a chopper. You can be at the beach but that is a rarity. It is better to get a chopper and view it from above.

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3: Socotra Island, Yemen

Socotra Island, Yemen This is a remote island in Yemen that looks out of your imagination or your hallucination. This is one of the unique and weird islands where you can see so many plants and trees that you cannot see anywhere in the world. There are bulbous bottle trees, giant trees, twisted dragon blood trees and so many more. Visit this island and get to see all the different kinds of trees. This unique island is stunning and should be on your list.

4: Red Beach, China

Red Beach, China This is something cool and unique. This beach gets its name from the seaweed that covers the water and turns red during the fall season. This is located in Panjim, china. You can visit the wetlands and get to see various migratory birds here along with this stunning beach with this amazing hue. There is a wooden walkway that can be used to see and explore the place and only a small section is available for the public. Get here to get stunning photos.

5: Cat Island, Japan

Cat Island, Japan

Do you like cats? You would never like them more than the people living on the cat island. This island is full of these furry friends and you can see cats everywhere. The population of cats is more than that of humans. They are used for various reasons such as this island produces silk so to control rats and mice the locals use cats and also because they believe them to be a good luck charm. You can get here and visit the cat shrine, chate shapes places to stay and so many cats to play with.


Are you convinced about adding these places to your list and making them your next travel stop? These are just a few of the many places that are unique and stunning. There are many other places that you can visit to have a new experience and to see something unique and weird. Places all across the globe have these kinds of unique landscapes and you can visit them when you are in the said country. As a traveler, you must want to know and learn more about these places and want to visit them, adding new experiences to your list. These places are great for adventurous people as well as for photographers.

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