5 Amazing Tips For The First Time Campers

by Zoe

If you’re naive about camping here are a few tips that will help you gain some really good camping experience. If you want to know the tips, well, then, keep on reading!


Wise Selection Of The Camp Site

One of the most important things after deciding to go for camping is to choose the location where you want to camp. While you’re a beginner to camping you should pick a site that is less prone to risk. There are many factors while picking a campsite.

  • If you want a quiet atmosphere for camping avoid picking the sites that have loud neighbors and for that, you have to visit the campsite before the date of camping to see the neighbors and the location.
  • Avoid the sites that have dead trees.
  • Always look for destinations that provide shelter to your tent.
  • The wind direction in the location you pick is really important as it governs the entire set up of your tent.
  • If you love to camp near the lake, make sure you pick the spot at least 200 feet away.



Since you’re a beginner to camping you can be confused or overwhelmed with many options to carry along with you. Packing can be confusing and if you’re wondering what all to carry along with you, here is our checklist of what all you need while camping.

  • A Tent
  • A Mosquito Repellent
  • Torch
  • Camping pillow
  • Camping chairs
  • Blankets or Sleeping bags
  • Matchstick
  • A safety Kit
  • A Toolbox


Setting Your Tent

How to set up a tent is what comes to every first time camper’s mind as setting up a tent can be really tough. A tent is an essential camping gear and you should know how to set it up.

  • If you’re a first-timer to camping make sure you practice setting up the tent before the date of camping. So, you become familiar with the process. As you practice setting up the tent you become familiar with the whole process and thus on the date of camoing you can set up the tent very easily.
  • Always opt for a flat surface for setting up your tent. As rugged surface can make setting up the tent a difficult task. Whenever you opt for a location make sure it has a flat surface so that you can easily set up a tent.
  • After you set up your tent make sure you secure it properly. Securing your tent is really important as it will make sure your tent stays for long.


Always Plan Your Meals

It would be really nice if you plan your meals in advance. Since you’ll be cooking at a different stove used back in times planning will ensure you don’t delay the meals. Before going for camping, search for the easy recipes you can prepare while camping so that you cook fast without spending your whole camping time in cooking the meal. Another great tip would be to cook with similar ingredients and in that way you don’t need to carry much of the ingredients.


Clean The Area

Once you are done with camping make sure you clean the area really well. Nicely remove your tent and clear all the mess scattered around.
Another tip would be to wash your tents as soon as you come back home.

So, these were some amazing tips for first-time campers. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help to you all first-timers and you enjoy the experience.

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