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ACP Rail International provides global travel Marketing and Distribution solutions. Client rail companies such as BritRail, Swedish Rail (SJ), Norwegian Rail (NSB) and Eurail have been attracted by ACP’s active Sales & Marketing teams located in major markets all over the world and its innovative distribution systems which have simplified the process of selling and increased product awareness.

How Does ACP Rail International Work?
ACP Rail International offers the ability to book and reserve the leading Rail passes, tickets and seat reservations from some of the most amazing Railways in the world. Its acclaimed ACP RailNet system, agents will have direct access to these products and are able to search train times, manage their orders, charge by credit card, see their monthly sales reports and receive their orders from one of ACP’s Global distribution offices. This makes booking Rail easy.

Flexibility & Stability
ACP Rail International is pleased to introduce the Renfe Spain Pass: the perfect rail pass for travel throughout this vibrant country. Renfe Spain Passes are available for 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 train journeys to be used within 1 month, making this a flexible option for any trip duration. And the options don’t end there, as passengers also have the choice to travel in Tourist or Business/Club class, where Club class offers up extras like restaurant and bar service at your seat, daily newspapers and access to VIP lounges.

Compared to other rail passes, the Renfe Spain Pass is unique in that it’s valid for a select number of train journeys, and not travel days. This provides pass holders with the option to take one journey per day and not feel obliged to take a round trip on the same day only in an effort to get the best value for a travel day on their pass. The Renfe Spain Pass is also different from other Europe rail passes, as there are no supplements to pay for travel on high speed trains and the price of seat reservations are included in the pass so there are no additional fees to consider!

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