Ctrip.com Review

by Lucas

Ctrip.com which offers the largest network available of hotels and car rentals in China, as well as inexpensive flights to and from China. The site also lists tours, packages and train reservations throughout mainland China and Hong Kong. Visitors to the site will be especially happy to learn that they can sign up using their email address to receive convenient money-saving updates on discounted tickets. With English-speaking personnel and a clearly displayed customer service phone number, it’s easy to see why Ctrip.com is the number one travel agent for this rapidly growing business and tourist destination.

Cheap last-minute tickets to cities all over China are prominently showcased on the site’s homepage, so it’s quick and easy to see all of the best deals coming up in the near future. They also make looking for a flight on a specific date as simple as possible, displaying all of the options available from the lowest price to the highest in a clear and straightforward format. Download the handy Ctrip.com app to your mobile device and you can receive a 3% discount on your booking if you pay with an international credit card.

Bookings from anywhere other than mainland China may be subject to different policies and pricing, so it’s probably best to call the website’s customer service number in order to confirm before you book. Bear in mind that if you do accidently purchase something that isn’t available to those outside of the mainland, a customer service representative from Ctrip.com will contact you to let you know if a cancellation or a price adjustment needs to be made. That means that you’ll never be stuck with a Ctrip.com booking that isn’t valid.


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