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I Want That Flight is 100% Australian owned and operated.

The site makes it easy to find the cheapest domestic and international airfares. once you have found the airfare that you want we send you directly to the airline to book, which means no fees or commissions. If a cheaper price for the same airfare can be found through another travel agent, then that is shown as an option as well.

For domestic flights, your flights can be shown in a calendar so you can easily compare airfares from one day to the next (just select ‘flexible dates’ when entering your search). No need to make separate searches for each day. Some other features are: A Daily Cheap Flights Email which shows the cheapest flights from your home airport in the last 24 hours.

Flight Alerts which allow you to specify the max price you want to pay for a ticket, and send you an email if it becomes available.

Summary pages which show the cheapest flights on routes for the next couple of months. Eg: Melbourne to Sydney or Melbourne to Whitsunday Coast (that would be nice).

The list of future updates is longer than the current features – the site is definitely work in progress.

If we cannot offer a cheaper fare, then we will send you directly to the airline to book. All prices shown are in Australian dollars. If you are having trouble sleeping, please also check the Privacy Policy .

How does it work?
Select your original and destination, and then choose the date you plan to go and return from. It takes less than a minute to go to another page. You can view the list of the airlines and it highlights the cheapest flight for you on the date you chosen. You can change to the date anytime if you think there is a cheapest flight available on other day.
Once you have selected the date to go and return form, the website will directly link you to the airline website you are going to travel with. You can’t purchase any tickets from I Want That Flight but you can view it. I Want That Flight works as a portal for one stop place to gather and compare airline prices

In addition to the powerful flight search engine, I Want That Flight also boasts the aforementioned fare alert set up as well as a regular newsletter making users aware of deals that on cheap flights that they might like to take advantage of. You can sign up for I Want That Flight Deals to be kept abreast of various sales and deals.

On top of all of that, the site also has a blog that shares handy travel-hacking tips such as how to avoid paying for extras with Jetstar as well as more general interest travel stories.

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