The Safest Destinations For Your Next Vacation

by Joseph

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or executing your first solo voyage feeling safe and secure whilst a new destination is an absolute primacy. Not all the places you plan to are safe. Threats and thefts are prominent in every part of the world hence scouting for safest destinations before you plan your entire sojourn is something you can’t skip.

Practically, no country is utterly rid of crime and danger but still, we can look out the least ones among, right? Traveling overwhelms with plenty of locations, we basically decide to dig on our Instagram feed oozed with beautiful pictures that infatuate us or a place with great flight deals. But, one thing we completely underrate, overlook, and that’ exactly what should be kept in mind first when exploring an entirely different landscape is how safe the place is? Are the locals friendly or triggered to the visitors? Clearly, you don’t want to take a risk of victimization, do you? According to the 2019 Global Peace Index, the average level of peace in the world has enhanced, and that’s something we have seen the first time after 5 years. Quite satisfying and soothing news to hear for the traveler in us.

If you’re looking for the safest places in the world well, then we have rounded the top 5.



Iceland is ranked first among the peaceful places in the world on GPI for the fifth consecutive year. So, precisely it’s the world’s safest destination to hop on. And besides the safest parameter, it’s brimming with the most phenomenal and unspoiled natural setting that is beyond your imagination. How many of you dream to get hitch the Northern Lights dancing in the sky or get soaked in the midnight sun, if this is something you’ve been wish listing the entire life. There’s no better place than Iceland. The Land of Fire and Ice is home to sizeable glaciers, active volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and fjords making the place an absolute delight for the thrill-seekers who love to adventure and experience something unfamiliar.


New Zealand

A small isle nation is home to the loveliest and friendly people on earth and serene panorama- that make collectively New Zealand a huge draw among travelers around the world. The indigenous Maori culture, picturesque natural scene, world-renowned wines, tall mountain peaks, substantial glaciers, pristine beaches, extensive forest cover, lots and lots of kiwis, and sheep make this place a noteworthy. No wonder this beautiful and peaceful nation comes at spot 2 on the GPI.



Everyone’s dream destination that is immersed in beauty beyond once imagination gives you another reason to add Portugal in your bucket-list. The third on the GPI rankings, Portugal has everything for everyone making it a great place for the Avante-Grade travelers who want to seek everything from one place. Home to the most stunning places you could ever explore, you just can’t turn down the land of fortified wines. The place is hyped for great food, stunning scenery, pristine beaches, and unique culture and it totally lives up to all that hype. As you dig the place your love for it will tenfold.



Backpacking Austria is full of fun, lifetime experience, and excitement. The striking Alpine mountains, delectable food and wines, world-class culture, rich old-imperial glory, pristine view every way around, and above all the GPI rankings, makes this place all worthy to be in your must-visit destination. The country is jam-packed with a plethora of fun and thrilling activities. Go Skiing in Arlberg or go on a wine tour you won’t regret planning a vacay to Austria.



The lowest crime rates make this Scandi country a safe bet for all those who look for safety in their destination. The place is loaded with gripping and engaging activities. From visiting the capital old-town city Copenhagen, exploring Aarhus, go for hiking, or visiting the Borreby Castle this fairytale land is definitely worth your visit.

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