Foods You’ll Find in Mexico

6 Delicious Foods You’ll Find in Mexico

by Emma

Mexico offers a delightful mix of spicy and earthy flavors. The dishes of this country are of enriching variety and fresh tastes derived from fresh-cut veggies and toppings. It is a craft of local and Spanish food traditions. Here, you will not only find beautiful beaches and cultural heritage but also the best foods that you’ll love to try.

Here are 6 examples of deliciousness that are soul-stirring and heart-throbbing!

1. Tortas


This will be a great start to your long journey. Tortas are big sandwiches with chicken as the main protein ingredient. There are plenty of options in tortas where chicken may be replaced with scrambledv eggs, guacamole, red meat with cheese, or fried pork. They are crafted together with nice bready buns inside of which lies your favored protein option, crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Tortas fill you up in an instant.

2. Barbacoa Tacos

Barbacoa Tacos

This delicacy from the ethnic land of Barbacoa is unique in its way. The beef meat is seasoned with Mexican favorite spices, onions, chilis, coriander, and broth. The crunchy taco outside contains sizzling fine shreds of pre-roast meat topped with radish and blessings of lime. If you have had a tiring day and are craving something wild, this will get you through for sure.

3. Pambazo


Pambazo is the naughtiest sandwich you’ve ever tried. Fried till the crust of the bread is crunchy and then stuffed vigorously with beef chorizo and Guajillo chilies that have a unique blend of sweet and spice, one of a kind. Pambazo’s real magic lies in its glazing of red hot salsa that gives it a beautiful red roast on the outside. Snowed with crumbled cottage cheese, this makes a devourer long for its bite!

4. Tlacoyo


Tlacoyo’s ancient origin is what makes it so special. It is a thick pocket of flavorful beans. Simply delightful, Tlacoyos are often served with red salsa or green salsa and chopped toppings. It is a great breakfast option that leaves you feeling full for hours and is light on your tummy. It makes for a feel-good meal that pairs wonderfully with your lovely morning coffee. Go fetch!


5. Sopa de Lima

Sopa de Lima

It is a breathtaking relish soup to be enjoyed as an appetizer during sunset. Like a home in a bowl, it derives its majestic flavors from strips of tortillas, seared in a red concoction of Mexican herbs and spices. The main ingredient in the soup is, though, chicken breast or turkey breast. It is the wilder cousin of your creamy and innocent-looking chicken soup that takes care of your cold. Sopa de Lima would keep your cold away for good with its lime-borrowed tang!

6. Gorditas


The bulky-looking puffy gorditas are famous street food options that you will find in Mexico. They are wildly composed of spiced braised pork or beans or potatoes or chicken/meat chorizo and garnished generously with cottage cheese and coriander leaves. Having a mouthful of the fried sandwich takes all your sorrows away!

Bottom Line

There is no doubting these delectable home-like savories packed with an interesting mix of condiments. Also, Mexican foods are adaptable to every traveler’s needs. They are easy to bite onto and easy to pack and carry throughout your journey. (They can be messy too if you want them to be!). On top of that, they are easy to prepare comfort foods for times when you are in a hurry or feel full already. Don’t skip on these 6 mouth-watering foods if you are in Mexico and don’t worry, these are found across the country. Enjoy!

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