Best Things To Do In Geneva, Switzerland

by Joseph

Nestled in the mountain ranges of Alps and Jura and the expansive Lac Leman (commonly known as Lake Geneva) the capital city of Switzerland is sprinkled with finest and jaw-dropping natural scenes. The snow-capped peaks, breathtaking views, vibrant streets, world-famous chocolates, meritorious museums, appetizing cuisine, sizzling brewery, and diverse culture make Geneva a touristy spot. The second-largest city of Switzerland is utterly slick and cosmopolitan where you can spot people speaking in almost every language.

Geneva exudes the classic epitome of opulence, excellence, and gracious lifestyle. The city serves the world’s traveler with brilliant food scene, stunning parks, elite shops, a good number of exquisite places to wander around, and a lifetime experience. The place is so magnificent that it etches the mind an indelible experience. The place is dotted with all the fun and happening activities that just make this Swiss city an idyllic getaway.

If you’re wondering what to do in your Geneva itinerary and how to make the trip all worth, you’ve clicked the right feed. Here, we’ve compiled your to-do list of most amusing things you can engage in.


Stroll Around the Old Town Geneva

The old town of Geneva is a perfect place to start your Geneva exploration. The cobblestone streets, windy roads, captivating cathedrals, the old town of Geneva is a stunner. The pastel-colored buildings make the town quite a polished realm to step in. You can relish a Photo walk around the buzzing streets of the old town or for a more dig through you can explore the Bourg-de-Four Square the oldest square in the city. The square brims with exclusive shops and cafes where you can shop, grab a coffee, or enjoy an evening meal. After that you can head straight to the St. Peter’s Cathedral where you can spot the oldest Arsenal. Don’t forget to visit the Maison Tavel the oldest and spectacular private residence in the city.


Jet d’Eau

The highlight of the Swiss city Jet d’Eau is hard to miss. One of the most prominent landmarks of the city, Jet d’Eau is appealing. And for your surprise, the Jet d’Eau was not built initially to be a tourist attraction. Built-in the 19th century it was manifested to relive the water pressure but people loved it so intensely that it soon evolved as a tourist spot. You can witness this water shower from the banks of Lake Geneva. If you get closer to the stone pier you can feel the wind changing, overall visiting Jet d’Eau can be a pretty delectation.


Museum Of Natural History

If you’re interested in history, this place is your ideal spot. The visit to the Museum of Natural History is likely a trip down to the memory lane where you can spot a large collection of extinct animals and bird species that you saw probably back in your childhoods. You can spot extinct dodo bird, great auk, king Island emu, and a two-headed turtle named Janus (the museum’s landmark). Besides, all that you can also explore moonstones gifted by NASA, displayed on the third floor of the museum. A trip to the Museum of Natural History is an amazing way to spend an hour or more. It would be a great spot if you hit Geneva with your family and children.

The Palace of Nations (Palais des Nations)

How can you miss exploring the European office of the United Nations especially if it’s open for a public display? Built-in the 1920s the Palace of Nations is the largest complex of Europe and presently serves as the European office of the United Nations. Once here makes sure you head toward the Assembly hall and the Council Chamber. You can also peek into the vicinity where you can spot Botanic Gardens and Musee Ariana just at a walking distance from the Palace of Nations.



Carouge is a district in Geneva and an absolutely gorgeous place to step in. In this district of Geneva, you can indulge yourself in some real Swiss shopping experience as the place exudes a plethora of independent boutiques and shops. Also, the quiet streets, colorful houses, vintage vibe, and amazing restaurants make the place a perfect hanging spot. The place is all-season spot but if you get a chance to visit this in winters you’ll be spellbound by the dwindling streets especially near Christmas. Obviously, you’re on a trip and you definitely want some gifts for your beloved ones, without any second guess head straight to this place.

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