Discover the Most Beautiful National Parks in Germany

by Joseph

Germany is one of the most stunning countries in Western Europe. It boasts of spectacular landscapes comprising of forests, pristine rivers, jaw-dropping mountain ranges, and gorgeous North Sea beaches. The nation is a melting pot of cultures, dialects, and cuisines and that might be the winning point about this place but that cannot change the fact that it also houses some of the most diverse national parks, with each one of them stunning and awe-inspiring in its own way. And there’s no better way to explore the country’s captivating culture than discovering its national parks that are working towards preserving the natural surrounding, flora and fauna, and the exciting wildlife of this country.

When in Germany, don’t miss out on exploring one of its many national parks that will give you a deep insight into the country’s rich and diverse ecosystem. We have put together a list of some of the most beautiful national parks you can visit in the country.


Jasmund National Park

Situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Jasmund national park is much more than just a reserve. The location has a very subtropical feel to it, featuring several Mediterranean like beaches and turquoise sea. Chalk cliffs hovering at a great height alongside the sea is the main highlight of this wonderful national park. The reserve features a myriad of scenic trails, bike routes that take you through mesmerizing woodlands of the region. Besides that, the park also features a few ancient beech forests that date back to hundreds of years. It is a great spot to enjoy trekking, hiking, or even nature’s photography.


Black Forest National Park

Black Forest National Park is one of the most popular reserves in the country. It’s only been a few years since this reserve was established and it has already made its place in a lot of people’s hearts. The cavernous lush green forest and rich wildlife has leaded this place to become a popular attraction among the tourists to witness its untamed beauty. As you enjoy hiking in the forest, you’ll come across some of the stunning waterfalls and wetlands that in combination with the landscape of the forest make for a gorgeous view. It is a great spot for jungle exploration and wildlife photography besides hiking and trekking.


Saxon Switzerland National Park

Situated in Saxony, the Saxon Switzerland National Park is the only reserve in the state. The national park is known for its jaw-dropping beauty, hence the reason why the surrounding area is called Saxon Switzerland. This place boasts of stunning natural landscapes comprising of Rocky Mountains and a lush green forest. Besides that, the national park is also characterized by beautiful table mountains, stunning valleys, and gorges. You can explore this place any way you like, rock climbing and boat excursion are some of the popular ways to discover its natural beauty.


Bavarian Forest Park

The Bavarian National Park is home to some of the most fascinating wild animals such as wolf, lynx, brown bear, and much more but they are rare to spot. This national is recognized for its untamed beauty and that can easily be depicted through its stunningly beautiful sceneries and exciting mammals. The forest features numerous hiking and biking trails as well as cross country ski-tracks that take you through the wilderness of this beautiful spot.


Muritz National Park

Muritz National Park is situated alongside the shoreline of Lake Muritz in Europe. The park boasts of ancient beech forests, mystical marshes, and enormous expanses of water that has resulted in more than 130 lakes in the park. It is a great place for all nature lovers and bird watching as several rare bird species come here to breed. You can either explore the area by hiking one of its trails or riding on boats and canoes.

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