Laid-Back Destinations To Travel Around The World

by Emma

Daily life hustle-bustle, spending most of the hours in cubicles chasing the targets we all crave for some relaxation and unwinding, don’t we? We are pretty much sure by reading this alone you can feel the vibe. Well, you all will agree to this, the world is full of exotic destinations but what’s hard to find is a place that renders a perfect secluded vacay brimming with astonishing naturalscapes and less-crowd.

The whole point of planning a vacation is to just disconnect with the world and all the stresses and worries and just spend some time to reconnect with your soul. Traveling is just a therapy, a way to introspect things around you and most importantly within you, so, therefore, it all makes worth you searching for the most chilled-out and relaxed destination on the globe. With astonishing scenery, great food, friendly locals, and lively culture we have picked a few laid-back destinations that you can definitely add to your itinerary and we bet you won’t regret the single time.

So, let’s discover the most laid-back destinations around the world that offers you fun and recreation. Keep Scrolling!


This place comes with no surprise. Though the place is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination still you can easily find your ideal secluded spot in every nook and corner at the Maldives. This insanely beautiful island is worth visiting and will soak you with an indelible experience for the lifetime. The balmy weather makes visiting the Maldives an easy all-year-round happening.
The tropical paradise offers you an infinite number of engaging activities from snorkeling, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and water-skiing, to windsurfing the menu is quite vast to relish your adventure bone and serve you with a great relaxation and bliss moments. So, whether you are traveling solo or with friends you just can’t turn down the Maldives.

Athens, Georgia

Athens’s old charm makes it an idyllic spot for a relaxing getaway. Everything is so connected and at a walkable distance that you won’t feel lost even for a second. The cozy college town is beyond a student hub and serves you with world-class beauty, a blend of history, and a plethora of cafes and bars that immerse you with the best Athens food. Every monument and work of art shows a glimpse of the classic era which is still very prominent in the city. You should definitely discover the city of Athens named after their special goddess Athena and unwind yourself with the best.

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Want to unwind with the best food? “America’s Foodiest Town” Boulder is waiting for you! Fresh mountain air, great food, laid-back vibe, less-crowd, friendly locals make this place a definite addition to the list. The tour to the town will soak you in the jaw-dropping natural scenery, a plethora of naturalscapes, and plenty of adventure activities ranging from snowboarding, hiking, to climbing, this place has everything that you just can’t turn down. What makes this place even more special is that the town is a lively place to immerse- the city is active and you can spot people engaging themselves in an infinite number of recreational things- say to be rollerblading, mountain climbing, or kayaking-you name it, they’ll do it and that fills you with energy and that’s what we want from a vacation, right?


Known for largest glaciers and active volcanoes the land of light and darkness is the most lively and laid-back destination of the world. Drooling with fabulousness, this is the only place on the earth that offers you to experience active volcanoes and ice-blue glaciers set whilst moon-like landscape. This piece of the earth would add to a unique and exciting experience.

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