Dominican republic food every traveler should try

by Lucas

The best way to complete any trip is by trying the local cuisine and famous dishes. It is a great way to complete your vacation and have a memorable trip. You need to try the local food so that you get to know more about the place and so that you get to experience something new and authentic. These dishes might be available where you live but the authenticity of the food being made in its home country is another experience. Similarly, if you are traveling to the Dominican Republic you have to try their delicious cuisine, from snacks to main courses, street food to fine dining and so much more. We provide you with a list of food that you should try when you are in this Caribbean country.
1: El Sancocho

When you are in the Dominican Republic then you have to try the dish that is everyone’s favorite. This can also be called the traditional stew of this country. Their wont is one person in this country that does not love this dish. This is made with vegetables, broth, meat, and other ingredients. This is a rich stew with a lot of ingredients such as pork, chicken, vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantain, and many more. You can find this dish anywhere in the country. Have this hot stew with some rice.
2: Pescado con Coco

Translating into fish in coconut sauce, this is a rich and flavourful dish that you must try when you are in this Caribbean country. Visit Samana to have an authentic Pescado con coco. The fish is cooked in such creamy coconut sauce that it makes the fish melt easily. You get some nice and crunchy plantain chips along with this dish. Enjoy this refreshing dish on the beaches enjoying the serene view around.
3: Kipes

This is one of the street food of The Dominican Republic. This dish is similar to kibbeh which is a Lebanese dish. These are made with flour and are usually stuffed with either beef or with cheese. This is then fried into brown buns and is ready to eat. You can easily get these fried buns at any cafe or around the streets and can carry them when you are exploring the city. These are delicious and filling and are a nice dish to snack on when you are traveling.
4: Chimichurri

If you are in Santo Domingo, then you have to visit the food stands and try this amazing street food. Chimichurri can be said to be a Dominican burger. This is a classic burger that you can get from the street food market here. These are the first choice of people who are hosting a party or some sort f celebration. This is unique because of the special buns they use called Pan de Agua and also the change from lettuce to cabbage in the burger.
5: Habichuelas Con Dulce

Do you like beans? Do you have them often? Have you ever thought of beans as a dessert? I think not. This is a dessert made with beans. Habichuelas Con Dulce is a dish made with beans. This dish consists of ingredients you might have never tried together but people here in this country love this sweet a lot. Red beans are cooked in coconut milk, and sugar and has some spices such as cinnamon. All these ingredients work together to create a sweet, creamy dish. This is a delicious and unique dish that you should try when you are here.

Dominican cuisine is full of flavors and is influenced by a lot of different kinds of cuisines. You get to have a great flavor meal every time here in this country. You can go and have some delicious street food while exploring the place or you can go and have some great food at good restaurants. There are cafes with amazing views and sweet desserts to complete the meal. Eat to your heart’s content when you are here in this country. Some people visit this country to have authentic Dominican food and to enjoy the authentic Caribbean flavors that people cannot replicate anywhere else. Complete your trip with this food.

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