Essential things every traveler must know before visiting Singapore

by Lucas

There are rules, and then there is Singapore. The country that is ubiquitously known for strict rules and social conduct is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. The whole traveling experience in this country is made more enriching and unforgettable by those endless laws and customs that are to be followed by travelers and locals alike. And when it comes to picturing Singapore, no amount of appreciation would truly be able to justify its spectacular beauty that comprises luxury buildings and towering skyscrapers in combination with bountiful nature in the form of gardens and parks.

This modern and sparkling nation has come a long way, aside from being popular for its strict set of rules, the country is also widely popular for hosting tons of tourist destinations, including cosmopolitan cities, high-end hotels, gardens, zoos, theme parks, and much more. Also, don’t get fooled by the size of this country, it might look tiny on maps, but it definitely has tons of things to offer to all kinds of travelers. If you have been planning to visit Singapore anytime soon, we would suggest taking a look at the article below as we have highlighted a few essential things that every traveler must know before visiting this country.


Chewing gum is banned in the country

Singapore takes its rules and laws very seriously, and because of that reason, you will find the country on the top of its cleanliness game as there are a certain set of rules that need to be followed by everyone when it concerns cleanliness. Keeping the cleanliness aspect in mind, the country has put a ban on selling, buying, or importing chewing gums. Chewing gums are basically illegal in the country, so if you have a habit of chewing gums, you most probably wouldn’t be able to find them in Singapore, so think accordingly.


Alcohol is pretty expensive

When it comes to consuming alcohol in Singapore, although you will find plenty of bars and pubs in the cities offering some amazing cocktails, they are priced expensively, and that can be a huge blow to your budget. The best alternative is to pick some duty-free alcohol from shops at the airport. Additionally, you can also find inexpensively priced beer and alcoholic drinks at coffee shops and hawker streets. Another thing to know about buying alcohol in the country is that you cannot purchase or drink it in public after 10:30 pm.


Relish local coffee in different variants

While we understand you can’t really start your day without sipping on your favorite Starbucks coffee, you should consider taking a break from it and try local coffee instead. Singapore is a proud home to several international coffee brands and shops. You can find coffee in all different variants, and the most traditional coffee is prepared with black brewed coffee, condensed milk, and evaporated milk.


Restrictions on smoking

There are certain restrictions on smoking in the country. While smoking isn’t illegal in Singapore, there are some rules every person must follow when in the country. There are several smoking areas or zones throughout the country, but you absolutely cannot smoke at public bus stops, indoors, and even sheltered walkways, or else you will have to pay a hefty fine that can as huge as $1,000. Therefore, think and act smartly in order to keep yourself from getting into serious trouble.


Singapore is a safe country to visit

The first thing to know about any place, especially if it’s your first time visiting it is to know if it’s a good place to visit in terms of safety. And as far as Singapore is concerned, it is an extremely safe country to visit for solo travelers, men, kids, group travelers, and even women. This extreme safety can be attributed to stringent rules and regulations set by authorities against crime. Therefore, even if you decide to take a stroll around the streets at 3 or 4 am all alone, you won’t really have to worry about anything.

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