Hong Kong travel tips every first time traveler must know

by Lucas

Hong Kong, a Chinese special administrative region located on the east side of the Pearl River estuary in Southern China is truly one of the coolest places to visit. It’s definitely a place that should be on every traveler’s list because the amount of things the city has to offer to its travelers is quite shocking yet astonishing at the same time. This global city is a melting pot of cultures where you can see some of the most stunning skylines, numerous beaches, country parks, and infinite tourist attractions. While exploring and navigating the city isn’t that difficult but you could definitely learn some tips and tricks that will help you to find your way around the town. To make sure that you have the most amazing time in the city, we would suggest you to go through this article where we have rounded up a list of some traveling tips for you that will make your visit to the city a breeze.


Learn a few canto phrases
In Hong Kong, Cantonese and English are the two most spoken as well as official languages. While most people can communicate in English in the city but to be on the safer side and also to get more familiar with the city, you can learn a few canto phrases that may also come to use when you come across someone who doesn’t understand English. During times, when you have to ask a local for directions or even while negotiating, you can communicate with them in their local language to make things seem more polite. You can learn a few phrases like ‘nay ho’ which means ‘hello’ and ‘jo san’ which means ‘good morning’.


Don’t forget to visit the iconic skylines

Hong Kong is home to some of the most iconic skylines which are scattered across the city. When in the city, you cannot miss out on exploring the skylines that are the major highlight of Hong Kong. The best places to witness the most amazing skyline of the city are Victoria harbor when viewed from the Kowloon side and ozone bar at Ritz Carlton. No matter where you choose to go, both the places are the best in their own way when it comes to offering the stunning and picturesque views of the city.


Use an octopus card

During your stay in Hong Kong, the best thing you could do is getting an octopus card which will make your life so much easier. It is basically a prepaid debit card that works all over Hong Kong. This card comes really handy when transportation is concerned. Be it MTR, trams, ferries or buses, this card will work on every public transport to pay off the fare charges. Apart from public transportation, you can also use this card at many restaurants, vending machines, movie theatres, coffee shops, etc. You can get your card topped up at all 7-eleven and circle k stores.


Download the Hong Kong taxi cards app

You know it’s quite important to always have a taxi by your side to able to explore the city especially when you are in a different country. While it may be a little shocking for you considering how advanced and westernized the city is, but the majority of taxi drivers in Hong Kong don’t know how to speak English, let alone understand it. This is when the taxi app comes to your rescue. Although, this app may cost you a little more, but it would ensure an easy interaction between you and the taxi driver. The app basically translates the Cantonese language into English, making it easier for you to understand where you will be heading to.


Don’t leave the city without having dim sum

While you will find plenty of mouth-watering and delectable dishes in Hong Kong, but their traditional Cantonese dish, dim sum is a must-try. You will find them in almost every other corner of the city, and that’s the specialty of this dish. There are many great places in Hong Kong that expertise in this dish including one dim sum (Michelin star rated spot), dim sum library, din tai fund, and many more options.

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