Some super-cool destinations for solo female travelers

by Joseph

It might sound scary for women to travel alone. But trust me, it is one of those wonderful things you can do in your lifetime to discover yourself truly and to get a cherishable experience. And need not worry about the safety part. There are several places around where you will feel free and secure to roam around, no matter what is the duration of the trip. You might be thinking if you would like your own company 24*7, but once you realize you do, there would be no looking back. You can even make new friends along the course of your trip and have fun with those people you might not probably meet again. Keeping reading the space to know about the awesome destinations that can be suitable for your next solo trip.

Yubeng, China

Yubeng is a place in China that is surely not like every other city or town you would visit. It is a peaceful refuge away from the fast city life where you feel overwhelmed. This Chinese remote village is just accessible by foot or mule and you can witness Tibetan prayer flags that are hanged from one tree to another along your hike. Animals roam freely along the path with snow falling lightly. The feel of the place is altogether different, with stupas all around the place, especially used for doing meditation. And why we are saying that it is suitable for a female? It is because there is a chance that in big cities, young female travelers are often targeted by scams, but in the Himalayas, it is completely opposite. They are warmly welcomed and given very friendly treatment.

El Chaltén, Argentina

There is no better place in the world than the super-gorgeous El Chalten if you are a person who loves to spend time with nature. It is a town where you can take a chill pill and roam around freely. It has also been popularly referred to as the trekking capital of Argentina with many hostels for the people who come to visit it. You would find many solo travelers around the place and will definitely not feel left out at the place. So why is it safe is quite obvious. You can easily meet up new people along different hiking trails that may be nature-loving artists or just hippies.

Ylläs, Finland

If you are looking out or a perfect place to escape from your regular life, head to this charming place in the Arctic. The place is totally amazing with weather so cold in January that it drops to 30° below the freezing point. The locals at the place are so friendly, you won’t even feel that you are a stranger. You must head to the female-owned-and-run Aurora Estate as they provide you with the appropriate guidance to plan out your excursions snowmobiling and snowshoeing. The place attracts many solo travelers every year as it is home to the only ski slopes in the country. You might even catch Northern Lights if your luck is in favor.

The Nusa Islands, Indonesia

Last comes on our list, a place that lies in one of the beautiful island destinations of the world. It is a place away from the city crowds and that gives you a delightful insight into the Balinese culture. Basically, Nusa Islands comprises of three islands that are known by the name of Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan. You will witness the bluest water you would have ever seen in your lifetime. It is a lovely place where you get a chance to swim with manta rays and stay in an actual treehouse. Spend some few nights at this stunning place where you won’t encounter any lovey-dovey couples as you certainly would in other Balinese islands. Meet some amazing people and make new friends as again it is one of those places that is popular among solo travelers.

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