Pack these essentials for a fun & comfortable train journey

by Emma

Long-distance trains are the most tiring yet the most fun way to enjoy the most gorgeous scenery on the way. You get to explore so many landscape views amongst long stretch blue skies and clouds with air blowing your hair through those tiny windows. One can have the best natural experience every with a beautiful train journey and make it a memorable one. Feeling close to nature can never grow old and can never bore you. As amazing as it sounds, trains that cover thousands of miles or take different routes can sometimes become uncomfortable. So, to make sure that you have a fruitful journey just like the one you imagined, we have a list of things that you must pack for every train journey.

Sleeping bag

This is imperative for every train journey that lasts longer than two days. You might survive for a day but after that, your back might just start to hurt more than you think. A sleeping bag will save you from hurting your back and neck because it will aid you at night on those hard sleeper seats. Although they are cushioned, you will steel not feel the comfort of your home on these. So, it is advised to pack a sleeping bag for yourself that is portable enough. It is definitely a good investment and is useful for keeping you at ease all night. Sleeping peacefully is very important because only then you are able to enjoy the entire trip. Moreover, for areas where temperatures drop at night, these bags will keep you cozy.

Pack comfort essentials

Since you are going to be on this journey for a long time, it is important to pack some essentials that will keep you comfortable throughout. A standard train seat may be comfortable for some time but it won’t last forever. You will eventually start feeling the need to get up and walk, support your neck and back or spread out your legs. So, in such a case, pack some handy essentials like:

  • An inflatable footrest so that your feet aren’t dangling the whole journey. This will instill the blood circulation.

  • An inflatable seat cushion to take the pressure off your spine and provide lower-back support and support for your neck.

An entertainment avenue

You should always stock an entertainment avenue for yourself while you are on a long train journey. This is imperative because you might feel bored after a bit, especially if you are traveling alone. If you are traveling in a group, then you should pack a stack of cards, tablet for playing games and even an i-pod for listening to songs. Books, movies, and music can be a lifesaver on long train rides and will make you feel fresh and happy throughout. Pack books and e-reader for peaceful reading time. Consider packing a portable charger to keep your devices run longer so that you don’t lose their battery in mid-journey. This is a must-have for all your train journeys.

Items to freshen up

You would need a lot of things to freshen up on your train journey because it is going to last a bit longer. This would turn out to be uncomfortable for you and might make you feel dirty and unhygienic. So, never forget to pack a bag of toiletries and things to freshen up. You would never want to be arriving at your destination looking and feeling rough so having a small number of items to help you to freshen up is always a good idea. Your train might not have a shower or place to bathe, so it is better to have some toiletries to freshen up. Wet wipes, deodorants, toothbrush, and mouthwash are among our top essentials favorites for a nice travel kit.

A digital camera

A digital camera is a must-have for all your train journeys so that you can capture a lot of scenic landscapes o the way. A long journey is a perfect time to capture everything beautiful you see on the way. You should definitely not give this one a miss. this will be remembered forever and will give your memories something to think about. Capture all the possible views on the way and capture your friends as well.

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