The Ultimate packing guide for your trip to Maldives

by Zoe

Maldives is on the bucket list of every traveler. It is a paradise on earth and is famous for its heavenly beauty. So if you are heading to this photogenic destination, make sure to get all these things to make the most of your trip and make it a memorable one-

1. For the harmful Sunrays

As we all know the Maldives is a tropical travel destination so you are going to get a lot of sun exposure during most of your trip. So make sure to carry a sunscreen with a good amount of SPF in it that will protect you from the harmful UV rays. It can come really handy when going for some adventure activity or just relaxing on the beachside.
Don’t forget to pack a sunhat along with you as it will give you wide coverage keeping you away from the sunrays. And if you are thinking of buying it from a local store there, then drop the idea because it would cost quite you some extra bucks that will not be worthy.
For a prolonged stay under the sun and to keep your eyes comfortable, make sure to carry a good pair of sunglasses. It will also be a great add-on to your cool look.


2. For the Beach and Water Activities

The Maldives is all about the beaches. So there are some things which are essential to carry for your comfort on the beach. Like if you are going for snorkeling, diving, boat trip or for any other boat activity a dry bag can come handy for you to carry your valuable items. At the same to carry your wet clothes, muddy slippers and towels back to your hotel, carry a wet bag to keep the messy stuff away from your dry clothes. It can be very easy to manage everything if you plan everything in advance. You can also carry your own snorkeling masks with you but they are not mandatory to carry as you can get them free or at small rental costs from your resort.


3. An Underwater Camera

You are going on a trip and you don’t click a lot of stunning photographs, how is that even possible? And this becomes all more thrilling in Maldives as you get tremendous opportunities to click pictures of the marine life, scenic views of the beaches, and doing the amazing sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. But make sure that the camera you are carrying is a waterproof one for the obvious reasons.


4. Swimwear and Kaftans

Carry your swimsuit according to the number of days you will remain at the place. Sexy, skimpy little bikinis which are either tropical printed or bright colored definitely look gorgeous. And for the men, carry a few pairs of your swim trunks and shorts.
To avoid the hassle of changing your swimsuit after you come out of the sea, pack your kaftans as your coverups. You can walk in them comfortably all around the place.


5. Summer Dresses

You can pick long flowy dresses, stylish tank tops, and shorts, rompers to have a cool look and to make yourself comfortable. They will look beautiful and feel light, airy and comfortable at the same time.
But if you are planning a trip to Male, the capital city of Maldives, you need to dress conservatively as it is a Muslim area. Make sure your clothing covers your knees and shoulders, so picking your scarf, trousers or a long skirt can be convenient and a suitable option.

Other important items that can be included in your list are as follows-

  • Sandals/flip flops
  • Insect Repellant
  • Basic Medicines

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