Where should you stay in Singapore ?

by Zoe

An island city-state in southern Malaysia, Singapore is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Recognized as a global financial center, Singapore has everything for everyone. It offers a blend of art and architecture, historical buildings, museums, and playful parks. You can explore everything easily from these incredible places and have the best cultural taste in Singapore. Stay at these locations because everything is easily accessible here and thus, will make your stay worthwhile. Have a look and pick the best ones for your stay!

Marina Bay Sands

Home to World’s largest infinity pool, this one is an iconic hotel in Singapore and everyone loves to gaze at it and walk on the waterfront here. With breathtaking views, it has one of the most gorgeous hotels in Singapore. It has amazing exteriors as well as interiors along with some really fancy accommodation. You can have the best time of your stay here as it offers some really exclusive services. Indulge in the beauty of Singapore at this Marina Bay Sands and have the luxurious experience of the infinity pool on the rooftop. Marina Bay Sands is home to some really impressive skyscrapers as well as night laser shows that can’t be missed along with fun and entertainment activities.

Orchard Road

World-famous for its shopping outlets and options, Orchard Road is the best place to live in Singapore. If you are someone who loves constant fun and frolic in life, then this place will satisfy all your delights. The streets here are beautiful with gothic buildings in the background. You can have the best time of your stay here because it is a plethora of so many playful neighborhoods. Look for exciting places and spend your day doing some really incredible stuff. This place offers a lot of exciting things to do along with art and architecture inspiration. Everything you could possibly imagine, this place would give you the best of it. You can stroll on the streets and enjoy the vibrant culture of this place. Nonetheless, it will give you an incredible stay.

Clarke Quay

Centrally located between Orchard Road and Marina Bay Islands, this is a great choice for all those who cannot choose between the other two. Clarke Quay is a great place if you are looking for a wild nightlife as well as some peaceful and tranquil moments. Clarke Quay has always been a blend of both wild and peaceful life and thus, offers something for everyone. If you plan to stay here, you are going to remember it always, we bet. Just stroll around, look at the scenic beauty and structural buildings. Everything is very posh here and thus, you will find a lot of nightclubs with mouth-watering cuisines as well. Take a dip near the riverside and gaze at the amazing colonial architecture as well.


Civic Center

Centrally located in Singapore, this place is known for some really important buildings and government houses. The civic center has a lot of museums and colorful parks where you can go around in the day and explore the city culture. This place also offers some electrifying nightlife experiences along with shopping options. If you are in the Civic Center, this place has a lot of playful restaurants and outlets which will give you the best taste of Singapore. This place is at an easy distance from the rest of the city and thus, you can explore everything easily. It also offers a lot of great things for history buffs and will satisfy them to the core.

China Town

One of the most creative and colorful areas in Singapore, China town is full of lively stuff and things to do that you will remember for the rest of your life. With cobbled streets that remain busy throughout the day, colorful decor on the walls and mouth-watering cuisines, China town will make you the happiest. Living here will be a great experience for sure because you will find some really reasonable places to stay as well. If you are a food lover, you will find a lot of interesting places to eat here. There will be no stop on taming your hunger. The playful neighborhoods will grab your heart and you will miss this stay always.

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