Why Barbados should be next on your bucket list?

by Zoe

Finding a reason to visit Barbados? Well, we have many to list. Located in the Caribbean region of North America, Barbados is an island country which besides being home to pristine and sunny beaches, is also known for friendly natives and British roots. While its beaches and scenic natural landscapes may be the main highlight of the country but its food, parties, and wildlife makes the place even more alluring. The country is one of a kind with so many wonderful things one can see and do here. The island might be small in size but it is replete with some of the most fun and astonishing things that can make your stay in the country more enjoyable and memorable. If you have been planning to visit the country and looking for the right reasons, then we’re here to give you a few of them which will definitely convince you to visit the island as soon as possible.


Barbados boasts great wildlife and it is one of the best highlights of the country. If you’re very much into exploring the flora and fauna, then Barbados gives you plenty of opportunities to spot some of the most interesting species at wildlife reserve. From leatherback and hawksbill turtles to green monkeys and translucent whistling frogs, there are arrays of wildlife species in the country that are sure to amuse you on your trip. You may also get a chance to spot red-footed frogs, flamingos, pelicans, mongoose, lizards and many other species. The island is also home to some of the most exotic and colorful tropical birds.


The island is home to about 60 pristine beaches and each one of them is easily accessed by the public which is a really great thing. Barbados has some of the best beaches in the whole Caribbean. The west coast of the island offers some of the most pristine beaches that are just perfect to soak the sun and lounge around on soft white sand. Whereas, the east coast beaches are more on the rugged side and are perfect for water sports activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, etc. All in all, every beach on the island is stunning in their own way and makes for a perfect destination to just sit, relax and enjoy the gorgeous and peaceful surroundings.

Super friendly natives

If there’s anything that can make your stay in the country more home-like and comfortable then it’s the locals aka the natives. And when it comes to Barbados, the natives of the country who are lovingly known as ‘Banjans’ are super warm and friendly in nature and they are best known for their kind hospitality. They know how to have fun and love to sing and dance. And if you didn’t know, the island is also hometown to topmost singer Rihanna. If lucky enough, you might spot her hanging out on the beaches.

Lip-smacking food

Of course, no trip is complete without tasting its delicious food. Barbados’s cuisine is one of the best highlights of the country and everyone knows it unless you haven’t yet experienced the taste of its delicious food. From street food to fine dining, the cuisines of Barbados are top-notch and you need to try it to confirm the same. The lip-smacking food will definitely satisfy all your food cravings and at times, it may also leave you wanting for more. You can try freshest sea-food served on the island as well as some local flavors that will definitely excite your taste buds. There are a plethora of beach-side restaurants in the country that will provide you the best food along with the stunning view of the beach.

The nightlife

If you’re a nightlife lover, then Barbados’s nightlife is all that you need to experience to make your trip more fun and enjoyable. From nightclubs to reggae music played on the island, there are array of spots scattered throughout the country that brings the island to life at night. The Oistin’s seaside fish market hosts a street party every Friday night. It involves loads of food, music and one heck of a time. The whole village is transformed into a street party that goes on all night long with many vendors lined across the village and loud music.

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