Activities to do in the Netherlands

by Zoe

The Netherlands is a wonderful country with such serene and alluring scenery and landscapes. From beautiful canals to mesmerizing tulip fields, this is one of the best countries to have a vacation in. This country has both alluring and mesmerizing villages and gardens and at the same time stunning cities with amazing sites to explore. You can visit the museums and palaces to get to know about the history and culture of this country. The country is magical. You can travel and explore the country in a rather short time considering the size of the country. You can travel by bicycle as the people here commonly do or can explore the places by other means of transport.

There are so many activities to do in this wonderful country to make make the most of the trip.
1: Explore different canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has more than 160 canals and when you are in Amsterdam it is a must to explore the different canals here. You can take a boat or even a water taxi and get to explore different places with these canals and get to have that surreal experience of moving around the city and going to different places in these water taxis. These canals freeze in winters and thus can be a great area to skate around.

2: Visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park

When you are in the Netherlands it is a must to plan a day trip to the national park. This national park is also a nature reserve and is home to red and roe deers. This is one of the best ways to enjoy your day. You get to be outdoor and surrounded by the nature. You can visit the sculped park and can also go on a cycling or trek here in the national park. You can get bicycles for free here at the park. This is a wonderful place to view the animals in their natural habitat and enjoy some nature.

3: Spending a day at Madurodam

If you are on a short trip and cannot visit every place in the country then you should plan a day at Madurodam. This is a small replica of the country where you get to see almost everything on a scale of 1:25. You can see all the architecture and the buildings and the tourist attractions here in this place. This amusement park is the exact replica of the country and you can get to know all about the Netherlands by visiting this park.

4: Strolling at the Garden of Europe

The Netherlands is a country full of tulip gardens and how can you miss going to one. This is the garden of Europe. This garden is one of the most stunning places and it is a necessity to include it in your list. The garden is full of tulip flowers of different colors making the place vibrant and full of freshness. This garden is bright and beautiful and you would have a wonderful time walking and enjoying nature. A great place to have stunning photos. There are about 700 different tulip plants along with daffodils, hyacinths, and others.

5: Visiting the Heineken Brewery

Amsterdam being a mesmerizing city is known for its life and party and is also famous for its beer. This place is ideal for beer lovers. Why just taste the amazing chilled beer when you can visit the brewery and see the making of it. The famous Heinekens have made their brewery into a tour where you get to see the process. You can also get into the tasting sessions that are provided to its visitors. Visit this place if you like beer and would like to see the process and taste the freshly brewed beer.

You can take ideas from the list provided to you here or can look for some other places to explore and activities to do when you are in the Netherlands. It would be a shame to not explore this magical place filled with canals, gardens, historic places, and amazing cuisine. Do not miss the local cuisine when you are in the country and also the famous beer. This is one of the most friendly countries on the continent that you can travel to and have a great time. Interact with the locals to get to know about some hidden gems in the country that you can explore and travel to.

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