Best things to do in Malibu for a perfect vacation

by Emma

While California is a proud home to several gorgeous cities but no other city or town can compete with the beauty and amazingness of Malibu. Located on the west of Los Angeles, California, Malibu is truly one of the most stunning and picturesque tourist destinations you’ll ever come across. Besides being home to many celebrities and beaches, the city is also known for its romantic, luxurious, and beautiful vibes that only adds to the fascinating things the city has to offer. There are two sides to Malibu, one side is the lavish and luxurious mansion perched on the cliffs and the other side is the breathtaking white sand beaches where the surfers and dolphins ride the soft waves. Whether it’s wine tasting or hiking trails with waterfalls, Malibu guarantees to provide a fun and thrilling time to all kinds of visitors.

Listed below are some of the best things you can do to make the most of your time in the city.


Bask in the sun at Zuma beach

Visiting one of the many beaches of Malibu is possibly the best thing you can do here. While there are several beaches in the city but if you’re looking to spend some quality time at the beach which only involves a lot of relaxing, plenty of sun and not to mention, stunning views, then visiting Zuma beach is possibly your safest bet. It is not only the largest beach in the city but it is also the most popular and breathtaking beach you will find in Malibu. The beach is ideal for surfing, swimming, fishing, volleyball or simply to lounge around. You can also find some eateries nearby the beach where you can enjoy casual as well as gourmet meals.


Visit the Adamson house

If you have a thing for history and architecture then you should consider visiting the Adamson house which is of historical significance. This Spanish style building, which was built in 1929 offers a spectacular view of surfrider beach and also boasts of the amazing landscape. The Malibu lagoon museum is situated alongside the Adamson house that features a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that allows the visitors to learn about the history of Malibu. As for the Adamson house, the building features striking colorful tiles, decorative fountains, and the area is surrounded by high chain link fencing for privacy.


Grab lunch at Malibu pier

Located next to Malibu’s surfrider beach, Malibu pier is a fishing pier which is one of the most loved and popular destinations in the city. The pier is visited by both locals and tourists where you can witness a breathtaking view of the coast and relish some of the delicious dishes. Another great highlight of this place is the tranquility and peace that you get here which is rare to find somewhere else in the city. You can grab a quick bite at the pier from one of its restaurants or cafes.


Sample local wines at Malibu wines

Malibu is home to plenty of vineyards where you can sample some local wines. Apart from giving you the opportunity to taste some wine, the picturesque views of the vineyard and plenty of lawn space make it a perfect place to enjoy a picnic, however, only food is allowed and not alcohol. The vineyard also hosts various themed events such as Friday night karaoke, Sunday yoga, mimosas, Thursday movie screening, and much more.

Enjoy camping at Malibu creek state park

Malibu houses some of the finest camping sites but there is no other site that is as peaceful and tranquil as Malibu creek state park. The place boasts of oak savannahs and dramatic peaks which makes the whole camping experience even better. Apart from that, the wildlife, hiking trails, and swimming holes also make a part of this secluded and peaceful camping site where you can gain one of the best hiking experiences.

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