Don’t have these foods before a flight

by Joseph

It might cost you your time and energy if you eat something wrong before a flight. Those few minutes of relishing a delicious burger or some yummy pizza could make the next hours of your flight a hell. I am sure you would not like to do that. So be kind to yourself and avoid the gut-busting trifecta of grease, alcohol, and carbonation to contribute to bloat-free flight. There are even some of the healthy foods that can cause trouble for you. Below we have mentioned comprehensively what food to avoid before and during your flight to have a nice and happy journey.


The Gas giants

It is always advised to avoid junk food or any such kind of food that encourages intestinal expansion while you travel, which becomes all more important if you are commuting by an airplane. The reason we are saying so is that the nature of the pressurized airplane cabin promotes further bloating that causes extra discomfort. You should also keep in mind that there are even some healthy foods that might cause you stomach problems such as onions, cabbage, beans lentils, cauliflower, etc. Be cautious as gas troubles can transcend questions of public decency. There have been some cases in the past that have to lead to the emergency landing of planes due to such kind of problems.


Carbonated Beverages

Another most popular thing that leads to stomach problems. It is probably the easiest way to invite troubles to your doorstep, even if you have been avoiding all the unhealthy food. You easily get dehydrated while traveling, especially if you are sitting idle. The most common place where you have plenty of idle time is your airplane seat, so it becomes a natural tendency to have some kind of drink to satisfy your hunger pangs. But remember, carbonated beverages will contribute to bloating and cramping, adding further to your discomfort level. Just have fruits instead to keep yourself hydrated. They will also act as a source of vitamins boosting your immune system.



If you are the person who likes to have a few drinks before your flight, I am afraid to say that you should leave this habit. It would add to the dehydration levels as the airplane cabins have low humidity and high pressure. But if it is mandatory for you to consume it, have it in moderation and counteract the effect by having plenty of water.


Cut out Caffeine and Salty Snacks

Again, both of them are other sources of dehydration. If you are asked ” Tea or Coffee”, the answer should be ‘Neither’ as caffeine messes up with your sleep cycles. Save the cup of a fresh brew for your arrival.
The same goes for salty snacks. Though they might be something that you crave while traveling as it is the easy source to fill up your stomach, they increase water retention and jet bloat. Save them for the later part of your trip. Try to have protein-rich meals that would help you feel full for longer periods making unnecessary binge eating avoidable.



It has been tried and tested that fasting for about 16 hours before a long flight if you are switching time zones helps you to fend off jet lag. Generally, there is an internal clock that works according to the light and controls our sleeping and eating habits. But according to a study, there is a method to override this clock by manipulating our eating hours. Suppose you don’t have food for many hours, our body senses its shortage, so it will keep you awake. Do so until it’s dinner time in your new destination, resetting your body clock in this whole process. Isn’t it an astonishing idea?

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