Essential tips for having a fabulous vacation in Bangkok

by Joseph

Almost everyone plans a trip to Bangkok once in their lifetime. The place is worth visiting due to its vibrant nature. The Thai capital is a modern cosmopolitan city that has many unique places to visit in its vicinity. When you make a list of the attractions, do also keep other things in mind to have a comfortable stay. To make the most out of your visit to the place and make it a memorable one, we have listed some of the essential tips you need to follow. Trust us; we are going to guide you in the best way possible.


Use their public transportation system as well as taxis

Bangkok has an amazing transportation system that will leave you completely mesmerized. It has an underway metro system to get you anywhere around the city. And if you want to take a view of the city while you travel, you should go for its sky train that helps you to stay above the ground. The trains are so neat and expansive that some locals just hop on them to escape from the scorching heat during the day.
Apart from public transport, they have a well-developed network of taxis. Cabs of the place are quite cheap and affordable. Make sure that when you take one, then see if the drivers have vacant red signs on them and ask the drivers to switch on their meter if they haven’t done so. Take another one if your driver refuses to do so.


Take a view of the city from above

If you are visiting Bangkok and you don’t have an astonishing view of the city from one of its skyscrapers, then your journey would surely be incomplete. Get yourself suited up and visit one of the sky restaurants of the place. Our best pick is the Scarlett Wine Bar on Silom Road. This is a ravishing place that has one of the coolest decors. It comes with a mouth-watering international menu and with some of the finest wine on their cocktail menu. The place being located on the 37th floor of the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G offers some of the spectacular views of the place that you will ever witness in your lifetime.


Visit the Sukhumvit Road and the island of Koh Samed

Sukhumvit road of Bangkok is one of the longest roads in the world. It lies in the heart of the city adjoining various other streets. Do explore this marvelous side of the city that is packed with some of the brilliant bars, posh hotels, and quirky places to eat. This place accessible by sky train or MRT would definitely leave you astonished.
And if you have planned a longer stay at the place, we would definitely recommend you to go on a short trip to the island of Koh Samed. This place still remains one of the less explored parts at the side of the city. Leave early in the morning and take an hour’s drive to the coastal city of Rayong. Then take a 30-minute ferry from the place to reach this fabulous place. The place is rich in natural beauty and has some of the amazing beach views you will ever get to see.


Learn some basic phrases of the language

Maybe you would encounter some of the Thais speaking in English, but it might be your good luck. They are not much fluent in the English language, so you must need to learn basic phrases of the language to make yourself comfortable. Download some language app on your phone if you get confused and face any problem while conveying any message to the locals over there.

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