Hacks to survive the middle seat of an airplane

by Joseph

If you are a frequent traveler, then there are many instances that you get to experience the terror of a middle seat of an airplane. It becomes all more difficult if you are on a long flight. Over the top, if you get torturous co-passengers, then think about what would be your condition. You might probably feel like running away. But, of course, that is not the thing you can actually do. Need not worry; we have given some of our best tips to survive a flight if you have got a middle seat on it.


Claim your territory

You would have seen many travelers who seem to think they are entitled to all the space around them irrespective of the seat assigned to them. They have no respect for personal space and even use your personal stuff if they get a chance. Beware of such people and mark your territory beforehand rather than to be exploited afterward. If you have got the middle seat, you have the priority to keep your arms on the armrests on both sides. Take advantage of the situation and take a position that seems to be the most comfortable for you, but don’t forget your etiquette at the same time. Do so for your knees as well, if you think the person seated in front of you has leaned his seat back too much and is making you uncomfortable; politely ask him to refrain from leaning back.


Go Before You Go

The major problem that arises if you are the one on a middle seat is of going to the lavatory. You need to take special care of this thing. If you feel to get up during your flight, do so before the person seating on the aisle seat starts watching a movie or reading a book. Also, try to get up from your seat when the person on the window seat is not asleep as it will give him the opportunity to get up while you get up from your seat. Follow the same tip with the passenger seated on the aisle seat. Otherwise, get ready to be trapped between the sleeping person on the aisle seat and the window seat.


Keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy is the best method to avoid anything that bothers you. As airplanes today are getting more equipped with Wi-fi facilities, books, tablets, there are fewer chances that you would get bored on a flight. So if you are in your happy space or if you have indulged yourself in your office work, there is a minimum probability that the middle seat will become a problem for you. Carry a pair of good headphones, preferably noise-canceling ones, to get into your world and not be bothered about your surroundings. Make middle seat your best friend by watching an entertaining movie or by listening to some awesome music; even a good novel can make your flight experience surreal.


Use Sleep and Comfort Aids

The best way to pass your time during a flight, especially if it a long one, is to take a good nap. You can ensure this by having the right kind of equipment such as eye masks, earplugs, neck pillows, etc. Take advantage of the tray table to have a good sleep. Just roll up your jacket, place it on the tray table, and there you are ready to go.
If a tray table nap isn’t your thing, pick the comfiest travel pillow for your body and lay in an upright position.


Prepare yourself

The moment you get to know that you are the one who has to be seated on the middle seat of the upcoming flight, mentally prepare yourself that it is not going to be easy, fun, or comfortable. Whatever things you may try, you would face some or the other problem. So it is better to be calm than to get irritated. Go with the attitude that this, too, shall pass.

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