Take A Trip To Floral Heaven Of Hitachi Seaside Park- Japan

by Joseph

Take a once a lifetime trip to Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan which is a dreamy floral paradise for travelers and others too. Every year during the time of February to May month this Seaside Park becomes a true blossoming garden of flowers. The beauty of this party is beyond anyone’s imagination. Yes, it’s this Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the most delightful and breathtaking seasonal sightseeing spots for the people.

Are you ready to enjoy your springtime holiday in this floral paradise? Yes! Then we are here with the crispiest information that will save your time during travel and also will help to discover every beautiful thing about the park. This spectacular park is situated in Hitachinaka city of Ibaraki Prefecture. You can take 2 hours of ride from Tokyo city and enjoy the natural floral scenic view of Hitachi Seaside Park.

Therefore, without wasting any time let’s check out the things that you can see and do in this mesmerizing floral world.

Route To The Destination

As we mentioned that it takes 2 hours from Tokyo city to reach Hitachi Seaside Park. You can take any public and private transport and travel to the destination. You can take trains from Tokyo, Shinagawa and Ueno station and you can reach to your destination which is Katsuta Station. From Katsuta station it takes 15 minutes to ride to the park from any local transport, you can take a bus or taxi and you can reach to Hitachi Seaside Park. You can travel on the road also, which will also take approximately 3 hours to reach Hitachi Seaside Park.

Ideal Time For The Trip

If you want to capture the true seasonal beauty of this floral park then April to starting of the May month is the ideal time for sightseeing. You can capture the mesmerizing vast fields of spring flowers and the clear blue sky and the wonderful scenic beauty will take your breath away. You need to also take an entry ticket, remember to pay the amount in cash only, avoid paying it digitally. Once, you enter the park you’ll be wide awake and astonish to see the splendid beauty of nature.

Things To Do

Firstly, as these big parks have so many amusing things for tourists to keep their interest and ensure that people are having a good time. Apart from the lovely colorful floral and scenic beauty, you can enjoy other activities in this park. You can go cycling in the vast floral meadows. They have special barbeque and restaurant areas where you can enjoy delicious food, meals, and drinks. Therefore, it could be a really exciting and great time to spend in the Hitachi Seaside Park. As we know Japan offers the most stunning natural beauty for travelers, therefore, take a trip to this park and enjoying amusing activities and capture memorable pictures.

Interesting Facts About Seaside Park

  • Every year Japan hosts its annual Rock in the festival during August in the Hitachi Seaside Park.

  • During April you can explore the vast floral meadows of Baby Blue eyes flowers, tulips, Zinnias, daffodils, cosmos, roses, and Kochia.

  • During the autumn season, you can capture the splendid natural beauty of Bassia Scoparia fields. This bushy field is also known as the red burning bush. And in the autumn weather, this burning bush grassland makes itself a gorgeous natural scene to capture from cameras.

  • From the top spot of Miharashi Hill, you can click the outstanding dreamy beauty of the blue sky, shimmering ocean and floral paradise of Nemophila flowers.

Therefore, now you know things that you can see and do in the spectacular floral park of Japan. Thus, hurry to take a trip to this world-class Natural Park and capture the majestic blossoming beauty of springs flower meadows in the Hitachi Seaside Park.

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