The safest tourist destinations in the world

by Emma

Taking an international trip is an incredible experience and ensures good stories, but it is essential to be careful when choosing the destination. You have to take into account that you will go to a new place and do not know which regions are dangerous, for this reason, choosing countries that value security is vital.

Tourists are often identified from a distance and are usually targeted by the fringe. In addition to ruining the travel climate, an assault can bring a massive financial loss. To avoid travel problems and concerns, know which countries are essential safety references.


Aside from the Australians being very receptive with tourists, the country is one of the safest in the world. The crime rate is almost nil, and Melbourne was once considered the best city to live in.
The climate of the country is similar to that of Brazil, making it easy for the Brazilian tourist to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the region. It is also possible to see wild animals such as kangaroos and other species close up. The currency used in the country is the Australian dollar.

New Zealand

Coladinho with Australia is another reference country in security. According to representatives of BeeTech, an online exchange company, New Zealand has characteristics similar to the neighboring country and occupies the fourth position of the places with the highest Global Peace Index.
The great attractions are natural landscapes and extreme sports options. In the country, it is possible to enjoy from beaches to snow and to know several regions in a short time due to the natural locomotion. The currency used is the New Zealand dollar.


The country is the second in the Global Peace Index. The place has an architecture that enchants the lovers of fairy tales since the most popular tourist attractions are the castles that look like scenes of films. The population is receptive and friendly, which makes the destination even more special.


The destination is the safest in the American continent and is in the eighth position of the Global Peace Index. The country has options of cities for those who enjoy nature, such as Vancouver, and also for those who prefer the big city, such as Toronto.

Canada has two official languages in some parts of the population speaks English and others what dominates is the French. The currency used is the Canadian dollar, and many people think it’s the same as the American, but BeeTech experts say there are differences in ballots and values.


What to expect from a place that has only one prison with 12 seats? Not to mention that in most of the time it remains empty, that is, the crime rate is very (much more) low. Outside of safety, Iceland has tourist attractions, natural landscapes and is an ideal destination for those who enjoy adventure and cold. The currency used is the Icelandic krona.

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