Top Sights To Visit In Budapest: Backpack To Budapest

by Joseph

When we think of Budapest, stunning architecture, breathtaking views, lively, and unique culture, and mesmerizing castle comes to our mind. The Hungarian capital is the heart of the country and one of the most happening cities on the continent. The city is the political, economical, and cultural hub of the country and is situated on the banks of the Danube in Central Europe.

The city is home to jaw-dropping scenery, the lovely castle that looks like coming from a movie, a plethora of green spaces, luminous bridges, amazing squares, splendid museums, incredible old churches, and wonderful monuments & sculptures. Budapest comes in one of the most affordable European travel options in terms of accommodation, food, travel, and a vast assortment of free stuff and sights. So, if you’re willing to plan a really affordable Euro vacation, the city would be by far the best pick. The city is a very walkable city with excellent and on-time public transportation so even first-timers would find exploring the city an easy quest.

If you’re planning to visit the city but are overwhelmed with sights in the city we have got you covered. We have picked the top sights that you should go in your Budapest itinerary. Keep scrolling!


Buda Castle

The city is famous for its lovely collection of castles that don’t look less than a fairytale. Not all but on your trip to the city, you should definitely visit Buda Castle. The castle is one of the oldest castles in the city and was once a palace complex of the Hungarian kings and rulers. The castle now dwells the Hungarian art collections popularly known as the Hungarian National Gallery besides that the castle also serves as the Budapest Historical Museum.
If you wish to add this to your itinerary do book yourself in advance for a 2-hour tour that runs every day from 2 pm to 4 pm.


Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman Bastion is the finest monuments in the country and one of the most important tourist attractions. The site is world-renowned for its turrets and spires and the best panoramic view of the city. The site is a perfect blend of various architectural styles and therefore a sure addition to your itinerary.
The terraces and towers at the lower base of the monument are free of cost and offer a splendid view of the city but if you want to get soaked in an even better view you can pay and visit the terraces and tower at the upper base.


St. Stephen Basilica

The Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to the first king of the country St Stephen and is relatively the newest and largest constructed churches of the 19th century. Built-in the marvelous neoclassical architecture, the striking clock tower, glass windows, the magnificent dome, and preserved hand of St Stephen( the oldest human hand in the world) everything makes this church a must-visit. The basilica is regarded as the finest religious building of the Hungarian capital that houses plentiful statues and frescos.


Stroll around Vaci Street

Vaci Street is the most famous streets of the city with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and shops serving as the well-known tourist market. The street experiences hordes of tourists every year. If you’re willing to spend some leisure and fun time the Vaci Street would a great option.
The best line of cafes, restaurants that obliquely means the delectable Hungarian cuisine is waiting for you. Also, if you want to relish into some shopping experience the street is the most prominent shopping destination both for locals and visitors.

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