10 Best Street Shopping Spots in Mumbai

10 Best Street Shopping Spots in Mumbai

by Emma

It won’t be wrong to call Mumbai as the fashion capital of India. The reasons are quite obvious-being a cosmopolitan city with great fashion shows brewing every other day, home to fashionable Bollywood celebs and of course the ever increasing fashion malls catering to the demands of the fashionable locals. Besides being a lovely city, Mumbai also delights the fashion loving generation no matter where they flock in from. Either you are from the city or have come to the city to visit, the shopping spirit won’t let you get away empty handed this website. Here is a list of best places to shop in Mumbai without getting hit on your pockets. Check out…

1. Colaba Causeway:

Colaba Causeway

Whatever list you’ve got there in your pocket to carry away home, you get it here. Even window shoppers are no less delighted. It’s really hard not to find something that you want here. From clothes to shoes, to books and jewelries. Literally everything!

2. Linking Road:

Linking Road
This is where your bargaining skills will bloom. You can explore and win over the bargain of the trending fashion here and that too prices that aren’t biting. Shop for anything at prices you won’t regret later.

3. Zaveri Bazaar:

Zaveri Bazaar

A popular name; we can relate it clearly with jewelries and that’s exactly is what the place does. A famous jewelry market not only in India but India too. Several popular jewelry brands have housed here offering gold jewelries, precious stones, uncut diamonds and so on.

4. Chor Bazaar:

Chor Bazaar

For someone who has not been to this place or might have heard it for the first time is prone to think the obvious from the name. But not everything you get to buy here is stolen. A bargainer’s delight, this place is one of the largest flea markets in the country. The antiques are really fascinating. Apart from that you can find books, artifacts, spares, furniture, electronics and almost everything at throw away prices.

5. Fashion Street:

Fashion Street

Rightly named, this place is another spot popular among teenagers and college goers. If you are good at bargaining this is the place to be or else bring along a friend who is great at this skill. Exhibiting fashion garments, shoes and those attractive accessories you simply can’t resist without buying. Keep your eyes open as you might catch along with some of the best international brands too and trust me at real cut price.

6. Crawford Market:

Crawford Market

A whole sale rate market, well clearly not for fashion as here you’ll find fruits, vegetables and at the end there’s a pet market; in case you wish to have one. This market is one of the oldest markets in the city since the colonial era and the charm has not been faded to this day.

7. Natraj Market:

Natraj Market

A typical crowded Indian market, this place exhibits clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and a lot many items. Also a popular bridal shopping spot. The street side stalls do exhibit some of the toothsome varieties of food.

8. Urban Haat:

Urban Haat (1)

Love crafts? Then this is the place to be. Not really a typical street market but the place remains stuffed with tourists and locals busy collecting their choice of artifacts. You can shop for wooden crafts, bamboo products, stone arts, beautiful paintings, wall hangings and several other varieties of home decor items.

9. Dharavi Leather Market:

Dharavi Leather Market

Come here for genuine leather goods including belts, bags, jackets, wallets at pretty good reasonable prices.

10. Lamington Market:

Lamington Market

A great place to refill any of your electronic stock, the Lamington Market is famous for its electronic goods sold away at wholesale rate. From TVs, computers, cables to transistors to electronic spares, you’ll get everything at happy prices.


So, these were the top shopping spots in Mumbai for a crazy shopping spree. Which one do you plan to visit soon?

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