Most Fascinated Wooden Architectural Designs around the Globe

by Emma

There are number of beautiful things around the world to cherish. Few out of those are just beyond the imaginary world of people like us but not for them who are extraordinary creative and know the way of showing their creativity as well. There are many skyscrapers, breath taking gardens, museums, landscapes and many more. There are few world renowned architectural works, which will always be known with the name of its creator. In this most concrete material world, the architectural designs made of wooden is something beyond the time. Here are few most fascinated wooden architectural designs around the world.

Kizhi Pogost Church, Russia: This church is an evidence of highly developed carpentry skills of the Russian people. It is truly can be accepted as the eighth wonder of the world. It carries unusual design, perfectly proportioned wooden structure and surrounded landscape which is perfect example of exceptional traditional heritage of Russia.



It is said that, a legend once told that the main carpenter used one axe for the whole construction and he threw that into the lake upon completion with the words “there was not and will be not another to match it”.

Murray Groves, London: Murray Grove is that the 1st tall urban housing developmental plan to be created entirely from pre-fabricated solid wood, having capacity of bearing huge weight.



It’s floor, shelves, steps and elevate cores are all made from the wooden as well. This is nine-storey tower completed within 49 days with capacity of 29 fully insulated soundproof apartments. The exemplar project is the proof of most aesthetic sense in the materialistic world.

Forte, Australia: Forte is the world’s tallest wooden apartment building made from cross laminated timber (CLT). This is Australia’s first building made from CLT as well.



This is known as world’s first five-star green residential building which has delivered a better health and environment to the people who owned it.

Wood Innovation Design Centre, Canada: Wood Innovation Design Centre is the eight-storey building with the height of 97 feet and the world’s tallest timber workplace construction.



It mainly serves the gatherings of researchers, academicians, educationists and design professionals producing ideas for innovative use of wood. Its floors are assigned to various departments like education in Integrated wood design, government and other wood related industries

U Bein Bridge: World’s oldest teak wood bridge is made up of the remnants of royal palace. It has been supported with the thousands of wooden pillars, few of them are completely about to vanish, therefore, some concrete pillars have also been made for the support.



Indeed, it is made from royal residuals but surely there is nothing like royal in this bridge but its history. The bridge has become the region’s most popular tourist attraction, containing magnificent photogenic view.

Horyuji Temple, Japan: This is world’s oldest wooden building and first world heritage of Japan added in UNESCO, moreover it’s the oldest temples in Japan. There are number of wooden buildings in Horyuji but few out of them are constructed again due to caught by the fire and the oldest one is five-storey Pagoda, which is added in world heritage list.



These ultimate display of creativity is also considered as the first Buddhist monuments in Japan, therefore carry a huge influence of religious intention for the centuries to come. Containing a cultural and historical structures over 2300 in numbers, Horyuji is not just an architectural design of a monument to see but a library of the story of Buddhism in Japan in itself.

Bullitt Center, Seattle, USA: The Bullitt center is designed as a greenest commercial building around the world and was officially opened on ‘Earth day’ April 22, 2013. It’s a six-storey building and fully lease with the tenants of various departments.



Bullitt center have solar panels on its roof to produce 30% more energy than its users needed moreover, there is facility of onsite rainwater to potable water system and onsite composite toilet system. This building is supposed to have a life span of 250 years with world’s only recognized system of its kind.


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