5 Travel Tips For The First-Timers To Kazakhstan

by Emma

Kazakhstan is a beautiful country. It is a blend of both modernity and antiquity. The place is home to iconic spots, eye-pleasing natural scenery, historical monuments, friendly locals, delectable gastronomy, and three UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Sites.
There are endless reasons that we can see this Central Asian gem in every world traveler’s list. But to make your trip smooth and memorable one we have picked a few Kazakhstan travel tips that will prove to be a real help for all the first-timers.
Before you travel to the country do read these travel tips.



The must-do thing before traveling to an unfamiliar spot is to do some research over the internet, refer to travel blogs, videos, and then gather information about the place. Planning is very important to carry a smooth and trouble-free voyage. Kazakhstan is a huge country and many of you might feel lost due to language barriers so you should plan what places to need to travel in advance.
Also, pick hotels in advance, and while booking hotels do read the reviews so that you get an insight into what you’ll get. Planning should include everything where to stay, what places to visit, and of course the length of your trip.


The Best Time To Explore

Another important factor you can’t underlook while traveling a destination is the best time. The weather and climate of any destination play an important role in making your trip a memorable one.
We would suggest you visit the country during the monsoon season and i.e. anywhere between July and August. This time is the most suited time for the visitors and you’ll tend to enjoy and explore the country to the fullest. If you’re visiting the country for hiking these months are best for that too.


Get Translation Apps Installed

The majority of you traveling to the country would be unfamiliar with the language. So, the best way to communicate over there is to get translation apps installed. Seriously if you think it can work without that you’re wrong. To communicate with locals say it to be with the hotel staff, taxi-drivers, bus-drivers, and restaurant staff you need to speak in their language. We wouldn’t say you to learn the language but what you can do is install a translation app in your phones and practice over it just to check its authenticity a few days before boarding.


Carry Cash

Most of the places in the country do not accept cards and prefer trading in cash. So, we would advise you to keep cash with you all the time. If you’re in any local part such as the countryside, cash is what you’ll need. As soon as you reach the country get your cash exchanged at the airport.
If you’re at a local food stall or traveling on buses you need cash so the most intelligent decision is to carry cash along with you. And, another thing to keep in mind is not to place all the money you have in one pocket rather keep in different pockets.


Prefer Local Transportation

The cheapest way to travel around the country is by availing the public transportation. It’s cheap, on-time, and fast. It’s even the best way to connect to the local culture and lifestyle of the country.
There are many scams related to travel in the country so make sure you only go for a trusted source that has an experience of many years just in case you don’t get the facility of public transportation in some areas.

So, these were a few tips. We hope you liked the feed and it turns out to be a great help.

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