Christmas Break Soon? – We’ll Tell You Where To Go!

by Joseph

With work routine all year, all of us look forward to spending holidays with family especially when it’s Christmas and New Year’s. It is one of the most famous longstanding traditions of the Western world. Whichever holiday we wish to plan, winter is anyway the perfect time to explore the world. The holiday season is enormously crowded and when it’s Christmas, the world gets its biggest crowds in popular destinations. Everyone plans for Christmas vacation year long!

So we’ve made a list of major tourist destinations people visit during Christmas and maybe you could strike them off one by one every year! 


Alta is the largest town in Norway, also called ‘the city of southern lights.’ With the historic center of Sami culture, this town is great for thrilling adventures too. This contrast has made it a very popular destination for people of all ages. It is a great jumping-off point for dog sledding and snowmobile adventures. When its winter and Christmas, snow is a must! You can stay at the famous Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel which is newly built every winter out of snow and ice. Even the beds you sleep on and glasses you drink from are made from snow and ice. Interesting no? It’s so cold there that you need warm mattresses and sleeping bags for a very cozy night.


Buenos Aires is Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital city. It is famous for its preserved European architecture and rich cultural life. Buenos Aires is a very lively city known for its food, wine, and culture. It is always an enriching experience to travel through European countries and when it’s Buenos Aires, you just cannot miss this luxurious destination. During festivities, there are impressive window displays with glamorous cases on the streets displaying apparel. In fact, Buenos Aires was voted as the second-most desirable city to visit after Florence, Italy. It is a complete package of exquisite cuisine, legendary nightlife, and fashionable shopping. What else can you ask for!


What can we say about London? It is one of the most beautiful places in the world with its antique buildings and uncountable roads leading to unseen getaways. It is claimed that no one has ever seen the entire London city and we don’t doubt it because it’s just so vast. You can browse the best of London at the Borough Market and the 45 park lane too which is a gorgeous reimagining of Art deco London with all the latest amenities. Hyde Park is another place you can go to on your Christmas trip in the daytime. For nightlife, there are endless nightclubs. The streets are decorated with chandeliers and bright lights for the perfect Christmas feel. Grab a brew or skate in the shadow of the spectacular London tower.


Prague is known for its old town square with colorful baroque buildings and gothic churches. It is a medieval downtown that looks like a fairytale. The presence of snow makes it look so vibrant and full of serendipity. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere and visit the Charles Bridge and the famous Prague castle. For local delicacies and tasty food, head to the Michelin starred Alcron which opened its doors in 1932 and still looks gorgeous with intricate decorative details. Prague is regarded as Europe’s most charming, colorful and beautiful city which is why it should be on your list for sure.


Phuket is Asia’s one of the most popular destinations featuring over 1000 hotels and resorts with so many exotic beaches. The Patong beach in Phuket is by far the biggest and most crowded beach area and the people absolutely loathe it. It is such an attraction for the tourists for its vibe and loud culture whereas other nearby beaches like Karon and Kata are more quiet and serene. This is a very popular holiday as well as Christmas destination because it is affordable and also luxurious! A rainforested and mountainous island that Phuket is, it is home to many high-end sea resorts, exotic spas, and restaurants. You must visit this place once and we’re sure you will come back every time!

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