by Joseph is a free hotel reservation throughout Ukraine. The team – more than 60 employees, which are united by one goal: to help you stay in any corner of our country. Luxury hotel or a cheap hostel? Megacities or a small village? Leisure or business trip? You only get the best deals without wasting time and money. project started in March 2009. Today they are involved in organizing the prestigious annual awards Hospitality Awards and Ukrainian Travel Awards. Hotels24 is a member of the Association of Hotel Unions and Hotels of Ukraine, the Association of Small Hotels of Ukraine, the Association of hostels in Ukraine, a partner of the Association of Ukrainian star hotel. As we were able to achieve such results? Very simple. We have built all their robot on how to provide customers with only the highest level of service, and they rewarded us with their recognition and love.

Free booking service

They do not charge a fee for registration and booking process. Using, you pay the same amount as if booked a room at the chosen hotel personally.

37 hotels with 50% discount

The site acts regular column “hotels for half the price.” Here you can choose and book your room at 2 times cheaper than its cost. 50% discount can be obtained only if booked through, on the personal website of the hotel or on the reception this is not possible. Why hotels make such a big discount to customers 50% discount does not mean that before you give it, the hotel raises the price significantly. We do things differently! The hotel provides a 50% discount for customers that our PR department free of touts.

The ability to find a hotel without prepayment

The site features more than 746 hotels that can be booked without payment. You simply send a reservation request, and in return receive a “Certificate of settlement”, which is a guarantee of the reservation. Pay for a room you will have on arrival at the hotel. These hotels can be found using the filter “discounts”.

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