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Unbeatable Cheap Last Minute Travel, vacation packages, cruises, flights and hotels. Book easily, safely and quickly. With individual advice.

Simply enter your wishes – we will find you the best deals. Pick your dream trip and we will check if still enough slots. Now enter a few more data, to “pay it book” click – done!

They will email a few minutes after booking automatically receive an e-mail. In it, you will be informed of the receipt of your booking with them.

Now stands between you and your vacation, only the payment of the travel price. Whether you can pay by bank transfer, debit or credit card, depends on the organizers. Which payment options you have, you will see during the booking process and learn this as part of the booking confirmation from our staff. Travel documents and go!

The travel documents you receive by regular mail or email about 5 to 7 days prior to departure. Bookings made within 6 days before departure: These short-term bookings, we will send you all the necessary information for the payment of travel and the travel registration to email. Thus you will get the necessary bank account to pay for the trip, or information about other payment options. The complete travel documents are then available at the airport for you. Upon presentation of the travel booking and acknowledged by the bank deposit slip or payment on site you get these handed.

Go now for vacation and book it with!


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