Witness the exciting Festivals in Thailand

by Emma

Thailand is famed for a lot of things and one of the most significant sights in Thailand is the way they showcase their rituals and culture. A series of cultural events and festivities take place in Thailand that is not seen anywhere else in the world. If you are willing to witness the rich culture and traditions in Thailand, then head to this destination and enjoy the best of these festivals. All of them hold their own significance and are totally worth it!


Yi Peng

Yi Peng is the festival of lanterns and is one of the most spectacular festivals in Thailand that takes place in November. It is like illuminating the sky with thousands of lanterns and creating the most breathtaking view ever. This legendary festival takes place in the popular city of Chiang Mai and is visited by a lot of tourists as well as localities every year. Apart from being one of the most gorgeous sights in Thailand, it also holds a lot of cultural significance. It symbolizes that we should let go of the misfortunes of the previous year and make new beginnings. Chinese paper lanterns are released into the sky during night time and since they are all light up, it illuminates the sky! There is no other view like this one. You will spot some live performances and firecrackers in the sky after this festival that add to the overall vibe. One must visit this one!



This water festival is another masterpiece in this gorgeous land. It marks the onset of the Thai New Year and takes place on the 13th of April every year. This Thai New Year is not a matter of a day. These festivities go on for about a week and make the entire city full of fun and frolic. People go shopping, the streets are lit up and decorate the houses. This water festival holds a lot of significance because people pour water over Buddha statues and drench each other too. The symbolic meaning of this one is that this practice clears away the sins of the past year and make way for new beginnings. This is also a tribute to the ancestors and thus marks purity. Celebrated in every corner of Thailand, the best one can be experienced in Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok. Making the city all lively, this one is a must-visit for everyone!


Phi Ta Khon

Known as the Ghost Festival, this one takes place in a small town of Dan Sai. A three-day colorful celebration that this one is, it is exactly like the name. This ghost festival is all about masks, eye-catching colors, and bright outfits. People get dressed up unusually and have the ultimate fun of their life. You can visit this one if you want to have the most fun time of your life. It is believed that this party is something that both living and dead wish to attend. And that is why people dress like ghosts. With massive parades and lit up streets, this festival is full of music and party vibes on the streets. This festival combines religious traditions and a fun-loving party atmosphere in the streets of Dan Sai. Must visit this one for the perfect party atmosphere!


Boon Bang Fai

Known as the Rocket Festival, this one takes place in the month of may usually and is one of the most significant festivals in Thailand. It is imperative for the farming community of Issan wherein rockets are launched towards the sky in order to please the Gods to send downpours in plenty. This ritual holds a lot of significance for the local people in Issan and thus, it is a must-visit if you want to get in touch with the local culture there. A series of rockets are built and paraded around on the streets on the first day of the Boon Bang Fai festival and then shot up in the air throughout the weekend. This is truly a blissful sight and one of the most extravagant festivals in Thailand. With fun and frolic everywhere, you must visit this one for folk music, tasting the local cuisines and plenty of dance as well.


Wing Kwai

Wing Kwai is a buffalo-racing festival and is a bliss for everyone who loves sports. This festival calls for the ultimate fun and frolic because it is full of adventure. You will witness dozens of jockeys taking part in this race with buffalos and running till the finish line. This racecourse is over 100 meters long and is located near Chonburi City. Buffalos are made to run across the racecourse and this festival is witnessed by a lot of tourists as well as localities. There are a lot of other fun activities too like buffalo decoration and beauty contest. Yes! This is the most unusual yet the most fun festival you will witness in Thailand. You will have a definite fun day out!

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