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Anywayanyday searches offers from over 800 airlines and 330,000 hotels and impresses with its accurate and speedy results. Just as the developers promise, with this app you can find, book, and pay for hotel reservations or plane tickets in just a few minutes.


Powerful search engine
Anywayanyday does a great job at quickly retrieving relevant domestic as well as international flights and hotel offers for any date you choose, sorting them based on the provider, and allowing you to filter them with ease. The app needs less than a minute to scan its vast database, and once the results are displayed, you can easily apply basic filters to differentiate between economy/business or direct/indirect flights, and hotels with different stars.

Smooth and pleasing interface
With its dark theme, quick buttons for switching between hotels, flights, and profile information, and clean design, the app looks terrific. What’s more, there are no ads whatsoever.

A well-optimized and polished application, Anywayanyday makes the whole process of finding and booking flights or hotels straightforward. Because the results are relevant and consistently accurate, you can use it even in last-minute scenarios.


Can’t create a user account within the app
To keep track of previous orders and add credit cards, you need to log in with your account credentials. If you don’t have an account already, you must manually open the service website in a browser to register a new one, because the app itself lacks a link to the account creation page.

No travel reminders
If you travel all the time, travel reminders are good to have; unfortunately, this app, unlike other travel apps, doesn’t have any.

Many low-quality hotel pictures
When magnified on a tablet, many pictures from hotels look pixelated, so that you can’t look clearly at the details of the rooms and of the other amenities. You can, however, get a general idea of how rooms look by viewing the tiny images that accompany every result.


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