Dohop was founded back in 2004, because there wasn’t a good option available to search for and connecting flights online. The company wanted to make it easy for travelers to find and connect their ideal flight. When you look at their website, they are a lot like other search engines you use with the exception that they specify in flights. By optimizing their search engine for flights, they were able to add many unique features to it.

Liked About This Website
The first thing I notice when I visit their website is the very clean look of the search engine. You can compare flights with two of the biggest flight comparison websites as well, namely Expedia and DealBase. I tested out their search engine by searching for flights from Amsterdam to Cebu. When I clicked on the link that took me to the website of Expedia, I got the option to compare prices with four more websites.When I clicked on the link that took me to the website of DealBase, I saw a very simple search results page. You have the option to subscribe to “flight alert and last minute deals”.This is something I didn’t see on the website of Expedia. When I closed both windows I could then see the search results provided by Dohop.

Very Sleek Looking Search Results
They decided to divide the results page into two sections. I really like this, because it’s clear as to where you can “fine tune” your search and where to look for the actual search results. When you look at your left hand side, you have the option to fine-tune your search. Some options include airports, airline, and multiple stops.

Dohop search results page
On the top of the results page you have the option to sort the results as follows:

1. On the price from cheapest to most expensive
2. On the duration of each trip from the shortest to longest
3. On time of departure earliest to latest
4. On time of departure latest to earliest
5. On time of arrival earliest to latest
6. On time of arrival latest to earliest

Each result then gives you the option to get more information on it by clicking the “details” button. Another option is to share it with your friends by clicking the “share” button. When you click the “share” button, you get to see a link that you can copy and paste. Then you can share it on your favorite social media network. I find this option very convenient.

Another thing that I really liked was that you don’t get to see “all” of the results, just a few. You have the option to view more of the search results by clicking the “more results for this search” button below the last result.

Didn’t Like About This Website
A minor thing that got to my attention was the small pop up appearing saying “Confirm navigation” and telling me that there are still “deals available”. When I close a browser window, I just want it to close.

Other than that, there isn’t much to dislike about this website. It allows visitors to easily search for flights without any distractions. It then lets you connect to the flight-booking website of your choice to finish the booking. Great process!

Have a great day and travel safe always.

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