Satisfy your sweet tooth in the land of the Philippines

by Lucas

If you have a sweet tooth, you would love to taste these desserts in the Philippines. Some of them are exotic, some of them are easy to make while some are street famous. But all of them are a must-try. A list of the most famous and mouth-watering desserts in the Philippines has been curated so that you can know the true meaning of sweetness.


Translating to “mix-mix” in the English language, this dessert is actually a mix of all the possible ingredients together into a soupy and creamy mess. If you are in the land of the Philippines, you would love to grab a spoon of this dessert and finish off till the last bits are eaten. The idea of mixing so many ingredients into one to make a creamy texture feels so mouth-watering already. A mix of several colorful and flavorful ingredients like sweetened slices of banana, fresh strips of Buko, cubes of mango along with fermented coconut water and jackfruit for added flavor. This was just a few of the ingredients and the actual dish has much more than these. Further, using crushed ice, evaporated milk, the entire mixture is prepared and topped with ice cream. Because it contains coconut, milk, berries, and fruits, it is known to be a very healthy dessert.

Where to eat: Head to the Aristocrat Restaurant for the best taste of Halo-Halo.


Popular street food of the Philippines, bananas are the most important ingredient in this dessert. They are used so aesthetically and presented even more beautifully which makes us taste this dessert as soon as we see it. The bananas are deep-fried first and then coated with caramelized sugar. Then these coated bananas are placed on a skewer to bake them properly. This banana cue is usually queued on a stick in two pieces and is sold on the streets and thus makes for a handy dessert that you can eat while you shop. You can easily spot a lot of vendors selling this one on the street and can grab one or two for yourself. An easy to consume dessert with a great level of taste and feel, this one is a must-have.

Where to eat: Barbara’s for the most amazing taste


Highly popular amongst kids, this dessert is one of the most tempting dishes in the Philippines. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it is super easy and quick to prepare so you can do that even at home. The major ingredient being banana again, thin slices of banana are wrapped in a spring roll sheet along with jackfruit for an ultimate taste. Then these thin banana slices are dusted with brown sugar to add some additional flavor. After this has been done, this coated banana is deep-fried in boiling oil. This crunchy wrapped banana is definitely one of the most mouth-watering delicacies in the Philippines. This caramelized perfection is a must-have if you are there. Although the filling can differ; each one of it is extremely tasty. Try other fillings like sweet potato, cheese, and coconut for variation in Turon.

Where to eat: Pino restaurant for a distinct variety of Turon

Ube Halaya

The color of this dish has our hearts. It is purple in color because it is made out of boiled purple yam. The color has made it extremely popular in the Philippines as well as other countries. There is a reason why the presentation is said to be imperative for any dish because the eyes define what the stomach wants. And that is why this dish is a must-try. Ube root is first peeled, mashed, and then mixed with condensed milk or sweetened coconut milk for a thick paste. This can be consumed as it is or can be used for other dishes as well. Ube Halaya has a very distinct taste because of the base ingredients. You must not give this one a miss.

Where to eat: Good Shephard for the tastiest Ube Halaya ever

Leche Flan

A caramel pudding that is so famous in the Philippines, Leche Flan is a must-have for all those who love custards. This unique custard will turn out to be your favorite one because it has a layer of clear caramel sauce. Further, condensed milk along with eggs makes this dessert a hit. You must have tasted a lot of custards before but this one is definitely the best one. It is famed for being so silky in texture and perfectly sweet in taste. Leche Flan is also used to prepare Halo-Halo and thus, it has multiple uses.

Where to eat: Romulo Cafe for the most exotic Leche Flan

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