Satisfy your Taste buds in Barcelona

by Zoe

The city of Barcelona has an unmatched spot in our hearts for being one of the most spectacular places in the world. It has the most lively culture, gothic architecture and towering churches which will take your heart away. But if you are a traveler as well as a foodie, then you are in the right place. With such mouth-watering delicacies of Mediterranean culture, how can one even resist grabbing them all? You eat as much as you want and still not have enough of it. Barcelona is the city of some incredible attractions as well as great food for its visitors as well as locals. People there have this keen habit of trying out new restaurants, eating a variety of food sitting in the open on a sunny day, enjoying every bit of it. So, if you are willing to enjoy some amazing delicacies in style, then this city is for you.

We have handpicked some of the best restaurants in the city that will give you the best food and the best moments of your trip as well!

ABAC Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona with stylish interiors and attractive exterior. You will be awed by its beauty because the construction is contemporary and a blend of everything you ask for. Serving the best delicacies in town, look for this one in the newly constructed pavilion right next to the garden. It is considered one of the finest ones in Barcelona with the most hospitable staff. Every place is known by how beautifully it has been decorated and that’s what attracts us the most in here. It has made some really subtle choices in its lighting as well as the color scheme. Top-class location, yummy food, and gastronomic experience!


Having a meal here is no less than a luxury. A blend of different tastes and beautiful views, you will love eating the best Catalan food at this one. It has this magic of adding so many flavors and colors to its dishes that one just cannot resist eating more than he wants. Disfrutar features some really distinct menus from different cultures so that you have a taste of everything. The bestselling dishes here are the crispy egg yolk and of course the tasteful wine. If you love exploring new cuisines, this two-star restaurant will give you the best of cravings!

Caelis Romain Fornell

One of the best Michelin star hotels in Barcelona, visit this one for contemporary experience. It’s like you see something and it immediately takes you someplace else. This one offers something like that. You look at some beautiful dishes and they make you interpret art and culture. That’s how tastefully they are made! This hotel offers a lot of menus with some distinct food varieties. The menu goes like Earth and Sea, Celebration and a menu for vegetarians as well. You can chill at the garden view restaurant or grab a brew at the bar. There is nothing this one doesn’t offer for you!



Looking for Arabic feels in this Mediterranean country? Visit Alkimia! As the name suggests, this one has put a fair taste of ingredients in the most amazing way. With minimalistic interiors and elegance, it poses the right vibe for anyone visiting this restaurant. Alkimia offers a variety of casual food and classy cuisines for your taste buds. If you thought this was enough, you will be surprised to see their list on the menu. Showcasing the best of Catalonia’s rich heritage, it offers delicious contemporary food on their innovative menu. Have rich food and a great time with your family here.


Talking about classy restaurants, let us have a quirky one on the list as well. Bicnic sounding like picnic will give you exactly those feels. This one is a cute and trendy restaurant in Barcelona that has established itself as a new favorite pick of the city. It has a very unique concept in designing! Dividing the restaurant into two parts- fast and slow, you can opt for either section on the basis of the time you have. If you have more time to kill, look for the latter one and vice versa. This way it has maintained a satisfactory experience for all its visitors and come out as a regular visit for everyone! Taste it starters and main course in style along with the ravishing ravioli and eel tartare.

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