Himachal Pradesh has got everything in it to cast a spell and make anyone for in love. Where ever you rest your eyes in the Himachal, you won’t find anything but beauty wrapped in the skins of innocence and purity be it the mountains, valleys or the people and their culture, its alluring anyway. Perched in the primitive enchanted valley of Banjar or Tirthan Valley in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, breathes the mesmerizing hamlet of Jibhi, a heaven in heaven untouched by faux of times, this hidden gem is what you should plan to explore this season. Read on to know why so-

Not many people know about Jibhi being a fantastic spot to explore but it has already started to attract good amount of tourists and travellers because of the charm it possess. With time I believe Jibhi would become one of the popular tourist attractions like other spots in Himachal Pradesh. Jibhi can be accessed from Chandigarh –Manali Highway. There is a small by-pass in the right before you reach Aut (a village in the Mandi district) and then you need to take that road following the river and move ahead towards Banjar which is some 27 km from Aut.  Here you will find private buses to Jibhi. Now Jibhi is some 8 km away from Banjar town towards Jalori Pass.

Route to Jibhi: Take any bus going to Kullu-Manali which will drop you at Aut. From Aut you need to catch a connecting private bus to Banjar, which is some 27 km away and shouldn’t take you more than an hour. Set in the lush green valley, the blue Himalayas and the alpine paddock, Banjar is a customary Himachali town. The journey from Banjar to Jibhi would take you some 20 minutes. Seeing those beautiful pristine streams flowing underneath the valley will wipe away all your stress of the journey so far. Should you be hungry, there are several dhabas and local café that you will see on your route from Aut to Banjar. You can surely grab your grub there.

Where to Stay: As compared to few years from now, Jibhi has seen considerable growth in hospitality sector and there are some very pleasant homestays, lodge and restaurants evolved for tourists flocking in to explore the place. One such very popular is Rana Swiss Cottage located in Gadagushaini. Named after the owner, Mr. Rana has done a wonderful work by setting up guest houses in the place offering a great ease to the travelers and tourist alike. Some other sources of accommodations are Dolli Guest House;one again owned by Mr. Rana is splendid for lodging, Dev Ganga in Jibhi, Lato The Hut- a wooden cottage in Banjar Valley, Ifeelhimalayas Café & Cottages gives you a great view of mountains and river is located in Jibhi.

Famous Spots to See in Jibhi

Jalori Pass, Banjar Valley: road to thrill and excitement, Jalori Pass connects Shimla to Manali through Banjar Valley. You can catch the first bus to Jalori from Jibhi around 9 am in the morning. This won’t take you more than 2 hours to reach there. The Jalori Mata Temple devoted to Goddess Kali falls in the way. You can pay your prayers and move ahead to explore the panoramic views waiting. At the top of the Jalori Pass, there are several restaurants where you can have your meal.

Chaini Fort & Shringa Rishi Temple:

Chaini Fort

popularly known as the Chaini Kothi, this is something you cannot afford to miss. The tower temple is the oldest building of its kind to stand in the Western Himalayas. The tower is 45 meters tall and is simply wonderful. Built by the local King Dhadhu in the 17th century, the temple is made up of deodar wood and locally available stones. The great tower acts as a defensive wall. Right across the temple tower lays the temple of Shringa Rishi, the presiding deity of the valley. This temple is some 35 meters tall and is open only to the locals. These two towers are great architectural wonders you got to see.

Shringa Rishi Temple

Sarehul Lake: a wonder treat for nature lovers, the Sarehul Lake is some 6 km away from Jalori Pass. The lake is considered sacred among the locals. Accompanied by some steep tracks and twists in the way, it would take you some 2 hours of trekking to reach the lake from Jalori Pass. Beautiful oaks, bare mountain tops and the pristine water of the lake, you won’t forget this trip.

Trout Fishing: if you are gifted by a lazy afternoon, there is nothing better than trout fishing which is why Jibhi charms fishing enthusiasts from across the globe. Angling tours are available in Jibhi. If you like it grab one!

Raghupur Fort: build by the Mandi rulers as a source of protection against invaders, the Raghupur Fort is about 3 km away from Jalori Pass. With mesmerizing Himalayas in the background and the beautiful oak paddocks, the serenity of the sight is beyond description. However, there is not much left of the fort now except the outer portion but the remnants are enough to recite the story of the glorious past. There is a small pond within the premises of the fort.

So this was Jibhi, the unexplored serene beauty of the Himachal. Set yourself to unfurl the beauty and serenity of this heaven while get enthralled in return.

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