Indulge in the divine taste of Spanish Drinks

by Zoe

Spain is popular for a lot of things and one of them is an array of amazing drinks that are prepared with the most exotic flavors together. There are so many Spanish drinks that you would love to taste. All the classic drinks are listed here that you should not give a miss!


This classic Spanish drink is the most loved drink throughout the world. It has gained immense love from everyone because it is easy to make and tastes wonderfully amazing. There are a lot of versions of Sangria but it is typically made from red wine and a plethora of fruits. If you are customizing it, then you can have your own preference for fruits. Sangria is a staple in the Spanish culture and no party is complete without having this one as a primary drink there. Taste this one while you are in Spain and live the flavors in the most wonderful way. This classic drink is prepared using combinations of wine, sparkling soda and an array of fruits. Make it in a pitcher if you are hosting a party. It will be loved by everyone!

Where to taste: La Biblioteca restaurant for an exotic flavor of Sangria.

Tinto de Verano

Translated to Red wine of summer, this one is another exotic drink that you cannot miss out on. It is a refreshing cocktail prepared using just two ingredients. This classic drink is a perfect example of how things are beautiful when they are simpler. By combining red wine and lemon-lime soda together, you get this amazing drink and it tastes awfully great!! The taste of this drink is a sweet and sour mix because of the fizzy lemonade which is something super refreshing on a hot summer day. If you like it less sweet, then try going for seltzer water instead of soda. Have some chips or tacos along for a fulfilling drink.

Where to taste: El Rincon for a refreshing taste.


Cava is a wonderful equivalent for Champagne. It is one of those classy drinks that one can have as a host for a party. This drink is much more affordable than the exotic Champagne but tastes just the same. Therefore, it is definitely an alternative for the French Champagne. Cava is a refreshing drink just like Tinto de Verano and is served in a white or rose flavor. This makes it even tastier and thus, is worth the try! Using a lot of fruits, Cava becomes a flavorful drink which you can grab at almost every restaurant in Spain. It is a loved drink there and therefore, we suggest adding this one to your bucket list and having it without fail.

Where to taste: La Mi Venta for a fancy Cava.


A refreshing beer, this one is a must-try in Spain. If you are up for giving yourself the taste of a hard drink, then this one it is. Clara is perfect to beat the heat in the summer days because it is more than just a beer. It is a beer cocktail because it is mixed with lemon juice. It is a way to drink beer in a stylish way and that is why we strongly recommend having this one on a priority. You will find this one in all the restaurants that serve alcohol and the best thing about this drink is that it is super easy to make at home as well. Just mix your favorite brand of beer with a lemon soda and gift yourself the best refreshing drink of all times.

Where to taste: Venta El Buscon for the most refreshing Clara.


Usually found in Andalusia, Rebujito is the most amazing drink in Spain. It is a mixture of sherry with lemon soda or sprite. This fizzy drink will turn out to be the best thing that you will taste in Spain. Because of the lime flavor, you will find this one a bit sour but if you add sprite, the taste will be sweet. It is most popular during the festive season. The use of dry sherries creates a crisp and refreshing drink to deal with the Andalusian sun and make yourself happy even in the scorching heat. This one is a definite must-try as it will give you a splash of flavors all together.

Where to taste: Rigadera for a classic Rebujito.

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