Things to avoid while visiting Norway

by Zoe

If you know the basic cultural difference when you plan a visit to Norway you will automatically understand what not to do when you visit. Norwegians appear to be distant and shy people but when you approach them you will discover that they only appear to be so. They are very chatty and social-friendly people in real. If you chat with them in a friendly, open and sincere attitude, you won’t find any issues. Below we are listing some things you need to avoid to have a nice and memorable stay in Norway.

Don’t expect to pull your suitcase

Generally, you tend to carry a suitcase with wheels wherever you go. It is the best and the most convenient choice for any long-distance traveler. But we would not ever recommend you to do it in Norway. The sidewalks in the city lie close to the sea and so are covered in coarse sand, thereby making your attempt to roll your suitcase a failed one. To add to the problem, the sidewalks in Norway have gutters in them, so it can result in a broken suitcase and a sprained ankle. So you should get a suitcase that has a better yet and off-road capabilities.

Do not only visit Oslo

You will be regretting if you just visit the capital city of Norway, Oslo. Yeah, it is a good place to begin your trip but if you limit it there itself, it will be a big mistake. Oslo is the best part of Norway with Opera, Munch Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, and Vigelandsparken. But you need to head to its western parts to see its actual beauty. Lofoten, Geirangerfjord, Tromso are some of the excellent options to explore. You can even get to see the northern lights during the winter months of the year.

Don’t Act Like a Hooligan

It is your responsibility to take care of the etiquette when you visit any place. The same goes for Norway too. The first thing we would say never be late and not eat too. Be always on time even if it means that you have to pass your time driving around a couple of blocks. When we talk about eating habits, you would hardly find any Norwegian eating with hands. Even the basic sandwiches are also eaten by using cutlery. Dinners are quite a big affair. So if you don’t want to pack up all the things with the host, leave the place on time. And lastly, we would say ask you to never trash the hotel room.

Don’t Underestimate the word Koslig

First of all, we must tell you what is the meaning of the word. Koslig means cozy. This word is really very important to the locals of Norway. It is the secret word they use at every place to indicate that they are feeling 100% comfortable in the current situation. This way they tend to open up with people. The most important day for Koslig is Christmas Eve when everything has to koslig and traditions need to be followed in an apt manner. Whether it is spending a weekend in a cabin without power or staying near a fireplace.

Don’t Think that the Northern lights can be seen everywhere

Yeah, it is Norway but it definitely does not mean that you can see Northern Lights everywhere and at any time. Some people also have the notion that it is always dark in Norway and you can see Northern Lights any time of the day and at any place. This thing is certainly not true. You can witness the mesmerizing view during the months from October to March. If you are even spending two weeks in the northern part of the country, you won’t ever get to see the Northern Lights.

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