The state of Himachal Pradesh in the North of India is popular for its picturesque natural beauty and hill stations. Often referred as the Dev Bhumi or “the land of the lord”, Himachal is truly blessed with sights that unfurl ones into pure beauty and bliss. Khajjiar, located in the Chamba district is what is nicknamed as the mini Switzerland of India. About 25 km from Dalhousie, Khajjiar opens up to a mesmerizing combination of grasslands, forests and lakes. The lush green grasslands are bound to spell bound its visitors. A must visit place for everyone; you shall unveil why this place is nicknamed as Switzerland.

Best Time to Visit

Khajjiar is beautiful throughout the year and favorable to visit but the best time is from March to October.

How to Reach?

Khajjiar is well connected to Chamba and Dalhousie. The nearest railway station is Pathankot and you can hire a cab to Khajjiar. Likewise you can also board a bus to Chamba and then hire a cab to Khajjiar. There are flights from Kullu, Chandigarh and Delhi to Gaggal airport in Dharamshala. However, Khajjiar is well connected to all the major places in Himachal Pradesh.

Where to Stay?

Nawang’s Den

There are plenty of affordable hotels in Khajjiar some even ranges from ₹ 700. Most of the hotels are located in Khajjiar road at Dalhousie. Some of them are- Hotel City Light, Nawang’s Den, Alps Resort. Good food and great views are what makes these hotels popular among visitors.

Where to Visit & What to Do?

Khajjiar Lake- surrounded by cedar trees, the Khajjiar lake flows between Dalhousie and Chamba town. The area around the lake has become a popular picnic spot for locals and visitors alike. The lake is considered to be holy due to its connection with the Khajji Nag Temple.

Khajji Nag Temple- dedicated to the serpent God, this temple draws back its origin from 12 century AD and the temple has some snake idols. Considered as one of the ancient and holy temples of Himachal Pradesh, the interiors of the temple are made of wood. There is a beautiful depiction of the battle of Mahabharat through images hanging from the roof of the temple. Do visit this place to witness the impressive architecture of the time.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary- the name itself suggests what you can expect from this wonderful place. An abode to different variety of animals, this place also supports amazing flora life. What you can find here are bear, deer, leopard, langur, jackal, barking goral, Himalayan Black Marten and several varieties of birds. Now popular as a trekking spot and walks, this place was once used as a hunting space by the local rulers.


Golden Devi Temple- situated close to the Khajjiar Lake, this beautiful temple derives its name from a golden dome at its premises. There is a golf course located close to the temple and is able to attract huge attraction.

Khajjiar Trekking Ground- with greenery to make you run wild, this spot is popular for the obvious reason of trekking. There are several exciting package provided by the hotel authorities and you can enjoy one such amidst the pure natural greenery of the sanctuary.

Lord Shiva Statue- a magnificent 85 ft tall statue polished in bronze is a sure spot to attract attention. The Shiva statue is one of the tallest statues of Himachal Pradesh and is more of treat to witness it during winter as the statue look stunning with snow covering its stature.

Paragliding- is one of the most popular adventure activities in Khajjiar and people from near and far come here to experience the thrill. Horse riding and zorbing or globe riding are other activities which are popular in the hill station


The mini Switzerland of India is where you should visit this season. With beauty that spell bounds, Khajjiar is truly blessed.

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