Places to stay in Thailand’s biggest island- Phuket!

by Zoe

Phuket is one of the most loved and traveled destinations in the world. It is visited by a lot of tourists every year because of so much beauty it possesses within. With the most beautiful beaches and glittering towns, Phuket is also very affordable. You can easily catch a flight to this place and find affordable accommodations for yourself. Phuket is known for its palm-tree beaches, white sands, and lively towns. Carrying the designation of being Thailand’s biggest island, it has a lot more in store for you! You will be surprised to see nearby tropical regions that are equally beautiful and thrilling. Boat trips, under-water diving, bars on the beach are some of the best things you can do here. Phuket is a big place and if you are confused as to where you should go, then we have a list of places that are apt for couples, families, solo travelers, etc.

All travelers who are looking for good family time or a solo introspection or romance for the couples, we have these perfectly picked places for you. You will be able to discover what each area in Phuket is like! Read on-

Patong- for all travelers

Patong is the most visited tourist area in Phuket. All areas of Patong-north, south and central are extremely popular for reasons of their own. If you are looking for quiet places, head to north and south Patong. If you’re looking for wild nightlife, head to Central Patong. If you are in Phuket, you will definitely go to Patong for the ultimate experience of your life. The Patong beach has a great vibe and that’s why all tourists head to this place. This place is apt for families, couples, solo travelers as well as a group of friends. Patong is the busiest hub in Phuket and has the best food, restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. You can find some cheap as well as luxury stays in here and that’s why it is budget-friendly too. Basically, it is everything that a tourist expects it to be!

Karon- For families & couples

Just next in line is another loved destination in Phuket! After you are done exploring Patong, you should definitely head to Karon. It is located at a 20-minute distance from Patong and offers almost the same level of fun as Patong. Though Patong is extremely crowded, Karon is no less an adventure. It has a variety of shops and restaurants to explore along with some really frantic beaches. Families and couples can have a great time here and stay in affordable places. They can visit the popular Karon Temple market that has everything from apparel like beachwear, dresses, sarongs to handbags and footwear. Families and couples can have a great time here wandering through the market and exploring the place.

Old Phuket Town- for history & culture

The old Phuket town is a blend of both old and new structures and buildings. It is a great place for all those who love digging deep in the history and culture of any place. This one offers a great deal for all those people and is bound to get into your hearts. This town is extremely busy from dawn to dusk and experiences a lot of foot traffic. Some of the most amazing sights you’re going to see here are 19th-century shophouses and Sino-Portuguese buildings. Some of the buildings have a history dating back to 1903. Isn’t it exciting? This one offers great European architecture on the streets with charming cafes and mansions. You can explore the town all day, talk to the locals, have a taste of their culture and still not feel tired! It is that amazing!

Bangtao- for tranquility

Amidst the busy life of Phuket, if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet environment, head to Bangtao Beach. This one is sure to give you the thrill of your life for all the right reasons. No, we don’t mean exciting nightlife or busy streets. We mean the ultimate relaxation and tranquility. Here you are going to feel close to nature and feel every bit of your soul. This is Phuket’s longest and least populated beach, located on the Western coast of Phuket. Phuket has a lot of amazing places to see like Sirinath National park where you can spot turtles and rare breeds of birds. When you are done with exploring and relaxing, you can head to Surin which is the southern end of this place. It is more lively and exciting than Bangtao. It is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts!

Mai Khao Beach- For beach resorts

If you have a dream of living on the beachside, it will be fulfilled at this place! Mai Khao Beach is less developed than other beaches in Phuket. But that doesn’t mean it is not a thrill in itself. With the minimal crowd and beautiful views, this one is also close to the airport. If you are in Phuket and want to save time and money, visit this one! It has some really cheap accommodations on the beachside, which will give you tremendous views of luxury in an affordable manner. Look out for Water parks if you have kids along and have a great family time here!

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